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  1. thrt15nc

    ISO/WTB 14" Bandsaw

    Since the guard runs into the wingnut on the safety bar, resaw is about 7 inches. I've done very little "resawing" with it. I think I've cut 3/4 inch slabs off a large chuck of walnut about 6 inches wide, but that's about it. Using the 1/2 wide blade, it worked, but it was slow. A couple extra...
  2. thrt15nc

    ISO/WTB 14" Bandsaw

    I have this one with the extension. I'm thinking $300 and I'll let the roller base come with it. Tom
  3. thrt15nc

    Card Table Hinges?

    I have a set of these. You're welcome to them if you'd like them.
  4. thrt15nc

    Not much in the General Woodworking section

    I can't wait to watch this wherever it goes. Thanks!!! I've been spending the last few weeks trying to decide on building a canoe or some kind of one or two person light watercraft. Tom
  5. thrt15nc

    Ridgid Granite top R4511 Tablesaw

    I can't remember from setting it up, but I think it came with the top fastened on and I had to install the wings. I remember the body of the saw was heavier than heck. The saw interested me because I was fed up with a bunch of rust on the saw I had at the time and other pieces of equipment and...
  6. thrt15nc

    Ridgid Granite top R4511 Tablesaw

    Curious if anyone else has one of these. I bought mine years ago and it's worked well for a long time. A couple of things have been happening with it. Lately I've noticed that there's a tiny bit of wobble in the blade. You can barely see it when it's spinning down. I cleaned up the arbor a...
  7. thrt15nc

    led strip/tape lighting

    I put the ones from Lee Valley in a display cabinet. They were pricey, but easy to install, hook up, mount the power supply and on-off dimmer switch. With double stick tape, they're hidden on the inside of the front stiles. Really nice lights. Tom
  8. thrt15nc

    Buying Clamp Racks

    I don't have all that many, and I share shop with a car. I built this, again with scraps, from a design either off the web or a magazine. Just have to be a little careful rolling it, but it sits in small places. Tom
  9. thrt15nc

    Buying Clamp Racks

    I saw those too and laughed. $37? 9 pieces of plywood that we've all got laying around, 22 screws. Find three studs and up you go. Goodness sakes. T
  10. thrt15nc

    Free to good home

    They're yours. How can i get them to you? Tom
  11. thrt15nc

    Free to good home

    I have a pair of adjustable sawhorses I made a long time ago. They start at 24 inches tall and you can adjust them up to a little under four feet. You'll have to firm up the bottom feet on them, but they work fine for medium sawhorse duty. Also i have a whole bunch of old cut nails. A friends...
  12. thrt15nc

    Insufficient privileges to post here

    Sorry. Thanks Ron. Retired, and let lots of other things get in the way. Thanks for your help. Tom
  13. thrt15nc

    Insufficient privileges to post here

    I've been off for a while. I'm trying to post a couple of free things in the ForSale forum and it tells me I have "insufficient privileges to post here"?? Help? Thanks, Tom Swortzel
  14. thrt15nc

    NCWW Contest Dec 2018: Show us your Best Hand Made Christmas Gift!

    I'd like to share a tool chest that I just finished if I may. Thanks for looking. Tom Swortzel
  15. thrt15nc

    SOLD - RDU CL - Dewalt DW735 13" planer - $325 (Raleigh)

    Re: RDU CL - Dewalt DW735 13" planer - $325 (Raleigh) Guy confirmed to me he's sold it. Tom
  16. thrt15nc

    face shield recommendation

    Another person with the Uvex bionic. Had it for years, used it a lot, like it. Tom
  17. thrt15nc

    Looking for a 1/2 Sheet of 3/4 inch oak or maple plywood

    Thank you very much!!! Tom
  18. thrt15nc

    Looking for a 1/2 Sheet of 3/4 inch oak or maple plywood

    Anyone have a 1/2 sheet of quality oak or maple 3/4 inch plywood they'd sell me? Or know where to get one? I'm in Clayton. Going to build a large "card table" like table for assembling large jigsaw puzzles. Some are over 42 inches. Capital City used to carry 1/2 sheets, but don't pretty much...
  19. thrt15nc

    Air conditioning for shed workshop

    I'm trying to decide on window or portable unit right now. An eight year old Sears window unit gave it up this year. It was a 12,000 BTU and kept the garage/shop very cool. But it ran 24/7. I'm thinking to go up maybe to 14K BTU. One thing I've read is that a portable unit is quite a bit...
  20. thrt15nc

    Barrister Bookcases

    I've got the Woodsmith magazine #134 with plans for barrister bookcases. Would that help you? Tom

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