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    Is it possible to look at someone else's album, if so, how?
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    Finally have pics on the web site. How do I post thumnails rather than pictures?
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    BS blade tracking hinge

    After removing the riser from my Delta 14" BS I found a problem with the tracking hinge. It is hitting the edge of the hole where the wheel shaft comes through the rear guard. There are two bolts which screw into the upper frame. I removed the two bolts and placed two washers so they were on the...
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    BS blade tracking

    What would cause a BS blade to wonder (best word I can think of)? I noticed the blade was not tracking where I had set it. I tweaked it a little and watched it track for a minute or so and all of a sudden it ran all the way to the back of the wheel. I adjusted the tracking arm until it was...
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    shop vac dust separator reviews

    I have watched way to many videos about shop vac dust separators. The ones which they claim catch all the dust which clog the vac filters and the dust which is harmful to your lungs. One guy uses flour in his tests. Flour is not sawdust. This test is so dumb I can not even figure out what he is...
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    Remote control

    I want to add remote control to my 1.5hp, 120v dust collector. The DC is a Delta 50-850. Right now I am going to connect to my table saw and BS. I do all planning outside. Decided to skip hours of research when we have the best info source right here on NCWW. OK, I am tired of doing research on...
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    Disposable lower dust collector bag

    I am going to put my Delta 50-850 dust collecor back in service. I do not remember these bags being available when I stored it. How long have they been around? Any thoughts on brand and where to find the best price.
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    Delta 50-850 dust collector

    I want to change the top bag on my dust collector to a canister type. I know the difference between a HEPA type filter and a true HEPA filter. One of the biggest differences is price. Unfortunately a lot of companies are selling HEPA type filters as true HEPA filters at the much higher price...
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    limits of a 14" BS

    I am starting to wonder if I am expecting to much from my Delta 14" BS. Bought it around 1994. I have had less trouble building a complete bedroom furniture set than what I am doing now. I am laminating cherry boards to a rough size of 8" X 12". I am making the larger Ventura BS boxes. I have...
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    Carter Stabilizer bearing

    I have changed every bearing on my Delta 14" BS except the Carter bearing. Need to reuse the housing so I do not want to damage it. Need some help on removing this bearing. Thought about clamping two boards just wide enough apart to drive the bearing out. Very little experience with bearings so...
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    carter stablizer bearing

    I have looked for a replacement bearing and not had any luck. I do not know if you can buy just the bearing or the bearing and the part it mounts. I can not read anything on the bearing and I am waiting on taking the nut off until I know more. Anyone ever try to buy this. Called Carter...
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    BS wheel bearing change

    I have a Delta 14" BS. The exploded drawing is dated 7-19-94. It covers models 28-203 thru 28-283. There is not a model number on the saw. I need to replace a bad bearing on the top wheel. There are 2 bearing with a spacer. The exploded drawing shows spring clips holding the bearings in. If...
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    linked belts

    Follow up to earlier post. If you have arthritis in your hands find someone to help. 13 years as a baseball catcher was not good for my hands. I managed to do it but it was not fun. Use needle nosed plyers to start the tab through and use regular plyers to pull the tab through. It did help...
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    BS v belt

    Need to replace the belt on my 14" BS. I have seen a lot about the link belts. Also interested in anything which reduces vibration. Thoughts and recommendations appreciated.
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    Tung oil

    How long would 50/50 mix of tung oil and solvent take to dry?
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    wood planner- yikes

    I have used a 13 inch Delta planner for over 30 years. Yesterday I was planning some 4"wide cherry when things went south. A loud noise so I cut the planner off. Raised the cutter head and pulled out the wood. A large chunk was missing. The grain is a little squirrelly, not the best cherry. I...
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    Cutting metal with BS

    My wife wants me to cut some old metal barn roofing with my 14' BS. Will cutting metal cause any negative issues for my BS? If not I would appreciate any input on blades for cutting metal barn roofing.. Edit to say I will be cutting out patterns for some artistic type stuff she is doing.
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    gluing cutting boards

    In another thread someone said absolutely do no use Titebond 1. I used original titebond to make several cutting boards about 25 years ago. There have been no problems. What was used before Titebond 111 came along.
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    planner sled

    I need to make a small planner sled. I am going to use curb side pickup from HD. I know very little about plywood. Since I am using curb side pickup I can not look before buying. I need some help on what to buy. I can use a 2' x 4' precut piece.
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    Breadboard ends

    In the past I have used a router to cut across the grain on the table top, protecting the end from tear out several different ways. I started off cutting the groves in the end pieces using the table saw and slowly moving the fence until I reached what I wanted. I bought a Frued dail a width dado...

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