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  1. minnehahas

    ClearVue Dust Components - Free

    5 Blast Gates and 3 6" to double 4" transitions. These are specifically size for sewer/water 6" pvc pipe you can get from irrigation company
  2. minnehahas

    Festool 3000MM 118 Track $225

    I have a Festool 3000MM 118" track for sale. Great condition, used very minimally for hobby purposes. Gary 336-970-3190
  3. minnehahas

    Kreg Adaptive Cutting System

    I bought the system and it works very well and accurate. You should be able to use others rack on the table but kreg’s saw and track are not compatible with festool oe makita. To square the system there are two holes that square kreg track to table via the tracks cutting edge. So for other...
  4. minnehahas

    First attempt with dovetail jig

    Which Leigh Jig did you buy? Been thinking about getting one.....
  5. minnehahas

    Waterlox Vs. General Finishes

    I agree with Chillihead and Jazzflute. Waterlox is the way to go. So easy to apply and get right. Watch the videos if you have any questions he has a pretty good set on Waterlox. I used the stuff on all my cabinets and much of my outdoor woodwork on our house we had on...
  6. minnehahas

    Looking for Company who can CNC me a Multi Function Slab?

    George, Thanks that is perfect. God Bless!
  7. minnehahas

    Looking for Company who can CNC me a Multi Function Slab?

    Just checking if anyone knows of a company that has a CNC-Machine that I can pay to make me a multi-function-slab?
  8. minnehahas

    Black Walnut, Nakashima-inspired side table (progress)

    I bought both types of saws about a year ago as I am trying to get much more integrated with hand tools and I reach for the Japanese saw more than the western ones. For me it just seems like the pull stroke is easier to control and more stable. I can follow a straight line with either type...
  9. minnehahas

    Workbench suggestions

    I agree with all of the above. I read both Schwarz books. For some reason I really liked the Nicholson Design and built one recently. has some great information also. Pictures of my recent bench (...
  10. Nicholson Workbench

    Nicholson Workbench

  11. Nicholson Workbench

    Nicholson Workbench

  12. Nicholson Workbench

    Nicholson Workbench

  13. Nicholson Workbench

    Nicholson Workbench

  14. Nicholson Workbench

    Nicholson Workbench

  15. minnehahas

    Greene & Greene Blanket Chest

    Looks great. Hoping to do something similar myself. can't wait to see the finished product. G
  16. minnehahas

    Nicholson Bench

    No criticism taken. The whole idea behind the Nicholson benches is a large torsion box. The torsion box has the structural strength to keep anything from sagging. There are also stretchers inside width wise to handle the load across the middle. That is also why you add some strips under dog...
  17. minnehahas

    Nicholson Bench

    Finally finished ( well almost ) a Nicholson Bench. This is my first real bench. Learned quite a bit about hand tools. Flattening the top taught me to let the hand plane do the work you just need to move it in the right direction. Its interesting moving more towards hand tools. At first I...
  18. minnehahas

    Volunteers needed

    Might be able to help this weekend. What time are we talking about?
  19. Laguna LT18-3000

    Laguna LT18-3000

  20. Laguna LT18-3000

    Laguna LT18-3000

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