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    Happy Birthday Alan in Little Washington

    Happy birthday Alan. Thank you for your insight and willingness to share that with the group. I particularly have appreciated your comments on DC lately.
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    Forest Woodworker ll

    Mike, so sorry to see this accident, but as I know you would be, thankful it was not worst. Take care. bruce
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    Chainsaw carb - rebuild or replace?

    I wish my saw was a Stijl, but it’s a 40 year old Homelite, it has been so reliable that it’s hard to let it go. thanks for the suggestions on where to buy a carb.
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    Chainsaw carb - rebuild or replace?

    Can you all suggest a site where you can order these carbs? Need to replace one on my chainsaw too.
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    Opinion Request on planner

    John, I have the 735 and it is a good planer but I have only used it sparingly over the last 5 years. What I do know is that I recently had a problem with it making a funny noise, I turned it off and it would not start. I checked to see if the switch or reset breaker we’re getting power and they...
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    ''Dewalt 735 stopped,

    I have a decision to make and I am not sure how to proceed. I have checked the planner over with a volt mete and determined that I do have a broken we’re cord wire and that upon fixing that and determining that there was power to the switch and reset switch , I thought plug it in and back in...
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    The death of my first friend, my dad

    Richard, my condolences on your loss. But what sweet memories of times past and love shared.
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    Largest Project To-Date... Built-In Desk

    Thank you for sharing the process with us. Very nice work and I have no doubt that the lady was happy with it. Good work.
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    ''Dewalt 735 stopped,

    Thank you. I will check the brushes out as well.
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    ''Dewalt 735 stopped,

    Today I was planning some red oak and I was not working the machine hard. During the planning of some pieces, the motor seemed to stumble, like it was loosing power, and I shut the machine off. I know that there is a restart button, which I waited the required amount of time to push reset and...
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    Best clear deck sealer

    I am a Sikkens believer, based on experience. Best Producr, worth the money. Follow the application directions
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    Glad to be in WNC!

    Welcome to NC. And welcome to the best wood working site ever.
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    Virtual Picnic - May16 4PM Sign up here

    I plan to attend, thanks for doing this.
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    Hydraulic Lift Table Troubleshooting

    I think given the one way check vale’s you have one that is hanging up ie not closing complete. This allows oil to by pass. Not sure which one to check first but taking one at a time out and cleaning the check and ball will be in order
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    Hydraulic Lift Table Troubleshooting

    +1 to Mathews comments. There has to be a check valve in the circuit if not you could have some by pass in the valve assembly itself where the tolerance between the valve body and the spool allows the table to drop.
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    Suggestion on Hold Fasts

    Thank you to everyone. As usual this site shows it worth and willingness to help with its experiences. Also thank you for the suggestions on drilling the holes. I have to admit that after all the work to get to this point, it is a bit daunting to think about making a mistake in the top. But none...
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    Suggestion on Hold Fasts

    I am looking to buy my first hold fasts for a new bench I am building (pictures to come on the process). I have seen discussions on various suppliers and types on this site in the past. Could you direct me to a supplier of hold fasts that you have found and like. My bench top is 4 inches thick...
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    Planer Rollers?

    Dave You could be right but on my 735 I found that when the knives are dull the roller slipped. Once I put in new sharp knives it was like a new machine. Just my experience.
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    Chester County spice box

    What a beautiful piece of work. It inspirational. Thx for sharing
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    Federal Card Table -- Finished Pictures

    Love the fact that these projects lead us to learn new skills and techniques. Great work!

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