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  1. Tom from Clayton

    How did oak trees get here?

    For those wondering check this out.
  2. Tom from Clayton

    Planer replacement blade choice

    It's time to purchase another set of blades for my DeWalt 734 planer and I'm a bit overwhelmed with the choices on Amazon. Seems a set, all made in China, run from about 30 bucks to 60 bucks but I can't tell the difference if there even is any differences. Anyone have a preference or a...
  3. Tom from Clayton

    Need a new dado set

    It's time to replace my inexpensive Avenger Premium dado set with something a little better and hopefully sharper than this 25 year old set. Am looking for something in the $100 range. I'm not a frequent user but was cutting some box joints today and my choice is sharpening my current cheap...
  4. Tom from Clayton

    Bandsaw wheel bearing question

    My 14 inch bandsaw (18 years old) is starting to make odd random clicking noises that I have traced to the lower wheel bearing (probably). I really don't want to take it apart this close to Christmas so my question is assuming it is the wheel bearing, what kind of damage can I cause if I...
  5. Tom from Clayton

    face shield recommendation

    My face shield finally bit the dust and I need to buy a new one. I'm not really a turner but I have a lathe and use it occasionally but not without a face shield. I'm looking for recommendations for a reasonably priced one. Thanks
  6. Tom from Clayton

    Woodworking Archives

    I"m hoping Santa will have enough room in his sleigh this year for a woodworking archive thumb drive for me. I know Fine Woodworking has one as does Wood magazine. Are there others that I'm not aware of?
  7. Tom from Clayton

    compact circular saw

    My days of lugging around my Porter Cable model 347 to make a quick cut in a 2 X is rapidly coming to an end. I'm thinking of getting one of the compact 5 inch or so circular saws instead. I have two 20 volt batteries for my Black and Decker weed whacker and thought of picking the the B & D...
  8. Tom from Clayton

    12 inch tilt head Craftsman band saw

    Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Clayton has one for 55 bucks. Pretty rough shape and parts of the table seem to be missing. I've never seen one before except for the giant one the guy rebuilding the Tally Ho has. Store number is 919 585 6017 if anyone has questions.
  9. Tom from Clayton

    New band saw belt

    It's time to replace the belt on my 19 year old Jet 14 inch band saw and seeing as belts are yet another topic that I'm not too informed on I was hoping for a little guidance on getting a new one. I have eliminated the fancy power twist belts based on price alone even though I know they will...
  10. Tom from Clayton

    When did paint get so expensive?

    I need to paint a few things and when i got the old can out it looked horrible so I thought I'd just run over to Sherwin Williams and pick up a gallon. I asked for a recommendation to paint a small bench, a couple of wood rocking chairs and a shed door. He said, with a big smile, the really...
  11. Tom from Clayton

    Frued LM22R010 sharpening question

    This rip blade doesn't owe me anything as I've had it for quite awhile. Cuts fine but I was checking the carbide and notice several of the teeth have divits in the carbide - looks like they have been corroded by an acid or something. Its on the flat portion of the carbide. If the blade is on...
  12. Tom from Clayton

    CNC - Laser uses

    This is a two part question. I've read and seen a lot regarding people having CNCs and lasers but am wonders what specifically people are using them for on this thread. Second part is if a CNC is the best technique to inlay the following logo on the lid of a box that I would make. Sorry about...
  13. Tom from Clayton

    Harbor Freight pocket hole jig

    I don't use these often so when I noticed the HF jig was about 1/2 the price of the Kreg, $65 vs $120, I thought I might give it a try. Anyone try this? I'm aware of the dangers of HF equipment but my HF DC is still working fine after nearly 10 years although the pneumatic nailer lasted about...
  14. Tom from Clayton

    White pine

    All this talk about pumpkin pine and staining new white pine to look like old has got me thinking I'd like to make a small writing desk out of white pine (I know its soft!) and stain it to a pumpkin like color. The only place nearby to Clayton that i know of to get white pine is the big boxes...
  15. Tom from Clayton

    Now what?

    I've often thought I would be interested in bowl turning but really haven't done much to move that thought forward. I talked to a guy selling bowls at a craft show in Clayton late last year and he got me thinking so when I had a fairly large Bradford Pear cut down shortly after the craft show I...
  16. Tom from Clayton

    Spoon carving

    I was thinking of trying my hand at spoon carving until I priced a spoon carving gouge. I'm thinking 60-80 bucks is a little bit too steep for me. Is there a way of carving by hand that doesn't require me to empty out my wallet to get started? My plan was to do most everything but the hollow...
  17. Tom from Clayton

    table top problem

    I finished the top of a small cherry table with 3 coats of Arm-R-Seal gloss about 2 months ago but messed it up a bit. It has a small area where it looks like the finish pooled before drying. It can only be seen when the light is just right and can hardly be felt at all. Tried taking a...
  18. Tom from Clayton

    Basement shop noise

    I am planning on moving north in a few years and most likely will get a house with a basement for my shop. I'm curious if those with basement shops have trouble with noise bothering the folks upstairs. When I use my DC and thickness planner in my current garage shop i know it makes enough...
  19. Tom from Clayton

    Epoxy help

    I'm making an end grain SYP cutting board out of some wood I rescued from an old church that was torn down. It has a couple of visible knots knots that i would like to fill. I've found some food grade epoxy but it comes in rather large containers and is very pricey--too pricey. I've also...
  20. Tom from Clayton

    Cutter head lock down

    How many of you lock down the cutter head of your thickness planer after every thickness adjustment and how many only when you get close to the final thickness?

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