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    possible woodworking classes in Greenville.

    Stewart, Right now I'm quite interested in turning and I might have a friend who would be interested. Roy
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    3 Wheel Band Saws

    I have a 3 Wheel INCA Band Saw. I've only broken blades when I over-tensioned them. Typically use a 3/8" blade with no problems - but I have used blades up to 3/4" wide.
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    Jet Lathe Question

    Same with the Powermatic. Roy
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    Sharpening Skew Chisel - Question

    Whenever I read about sharpening chisels - they suggest the use of a magic marker on the chisel so you can see where the grinding wheel is removing the metal. You adjust until you have full coverage - and then grind away, replicating the angle. So what do you do when you've (me especially)...
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    Dust Collection for a Makita 2040 Planer

    I have a Makita 2040 Planer that I bought new in the 1980s and it's performed very well for me. However, it puts out a lot of sawdust (even faster than my lathe) - and I'd like to know if anyone has designed an add-on so I can hook it up to my dust collector. Thanks, Roy
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    Free WW videos...

    Thanks for the link - I am :gar-Bicontinuously learning and these short clips look great.
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    One Year

    I hope I'm that good in a year - Well done. Roy
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    Freud router set

    My local store in Greenville did not have the router - but I got one from their online store - free shipping and they honored the $10 off coupone. Total Price was $89.97 (plus tax). I'm happy with that.:gar-Bi Roy
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    Kreg Tool Company Donation

    Raffle idea is great -
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    New stopper trial

    Simple and elegant - great work. Roy
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    Where to buy glass for projects in Eastern NC

    Bryan, You might try Michaels for the non-glare glass. Roy
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    Hello from Eastern NC

    Looking forward to retirement in about a year (give or take a couple of months). Can't play golf all of the time - and am looking forward to playing in the workshop. I've got a great next door neighbor who is supplying the work space (three car detached garage with heat and A/C) - I've supplied...

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