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  1. christopheralan

    maple and walnut pen

    Very nice! I have a ton of cutoffs and scrap and I need to do some glue-ups to start making those. Thanks for posting!
  2. christopheralan

    Lowes, Kobalt Hand Tools 50% Off

    Awesome! Thanks for the heads up!
  3. christopheralan

    Survival Kit

    This is a survival kit I made for a Boy Scout who has been helping me with the Cub Scout group I am in-charge of. I didn’t want to do something that he would hang on the wall for a few years and forget about. I wanted to make something that he would say, “Heck yeah! This is Cool! I am gonna use...
  4. christopheralan

    Pinewood / AWANA Derby Cars

    Here are the ones we did this year. Each took a best of show in their divisions: Thanks for looking!
  5. christopheralan

    Playing with colors on pens...

    Thanks guys! I used CA for the finish. A bit of color came off with the first few applications, but not enough to affect the color. To make the antler pen float, I just used a plate of glass at an angle over the background, and played with the shaddows to get the effect right. I have been...
  6. christopheralan

    Playing with colors on pens...

    I have been wanting to play with some colors for the pens I have been working on. I have looked into some of the stains, dyes, and food/clothing color things out there, but then I remembered the power of a sharpie! No mixing, no waiting, no mess, no fuss! I used mahogany in the first pic, with...
  7. christopheralan

    My first turning

    Dude, that is nice! Well done!
  8. christopheralan

    Ordance Chief Desk Plaque

    Desk plaque made with an oak base, beech and walnut 40mm rounds, and a bomb made with walnut, rock maple, mahogany, padouk, and purple heart. A 50cal pen is also included. Also a desk clock... Thanks for looking!
  9. christopheralan

    Is a Pen Press worth having?

    Hey guys. Is buying or making a pen press worth the money or time to make? I have been using my vise so far, but I am thinking about getting or making one. What do you say guys? Are they worth it? thanks!
  10. christopheralan

    Book/DVD Deal at The Wood Whisperer...

    Hey guys! Marc Spagnuolo aka the Wood Whisperer, just finished his first book and is offering a pre-sale with a free DVD! This is a great deal but I don't think it will be lasting for long. Here is the link: I just ordered mine, and I...
  11. christopheralan

    Home-Made Chainsaw...

    My take on a classic gag. Thanks for looking!
  12. christopheralan

    Any idea where to get 3-4" dia bamboo?

    My friend at work wants to make a tikibar and I am unable to find bamboo suppliers. I am in Eastern NC and would like to stay local. Thanks in advance!
  13. christopheralan

    New to wood working

    Thanks man! Camp Lejeune gets their domestic wood (they don't sell exotics) from these guys: They have a bunch of good stuff, domestic and exotics. I have never shopped there (I order most of my wood), but from what I hear, they are good people.
  14. christopheralan

    New to wood working

    Do you have access to Camp Lejeune?
  15. christopheralan

    New Woodworker

    Welcome to the sawdust pile! I work on Lejeune and a good friend of mine, a great carver and air-brusher, lives over there. Good luck with the "honey-do" list!
  16. christopheralan

    Rite in the Rain Note Pad

    A notepad? This isn’t just any note pad. This is the All-Weather Notebook from Rite in the Rain. If you are not familiar with Rite in the Rain products, prepare to be amazed. This is the ultimate in weather-proof writing and note taking. Does it work while damp? Yes. Does it work while wet? Yes...
  17. christopheralan

    Freshly turned purpleheart and CA...

    Hey guys. Maybe a dumb question, but here goes: Will CA prevent purple heart from turning purple? I am thinking it won't but I am not 100% sure. Thanks!
  18. christopheralan

    So, after ten years of woodworking...

    ...I turned my first pens. I have no idea why I waited this long. :dontknow: I did 4 slims and 2 .50 cals. Awosome time. I had to grind a spade bit down to a 7mm (forgot to get one...) and my pen mandrel was the wrong size (1/4" not 7mm). Oh well. Still had fun. Thanks for looking!
  19. christopheralan

    8” Bionic Wrench by Logger Head Tools

    This is the 8” Bionic Wrench by Logger Head Tools. It is one of the coolest tools I own. Thanks to innovative design and engineering, it automatically adjusts to any size hex-head fastener from 7/16 inch to ¾ inch and from 11mm to 20mm. This had Super Hero Belt status immediately. Being a...

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