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    For Sale Listings - Check out the Facebook page

    So who runs the other site?
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    For Sale Listings - Check out the Facebook page

    I think the link under social media does not go to current Facebook group but old page. It does.not have recent post. But if I search on Facebook for North Carolina woodworker it has an active page.
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    Design help

    I think after the many many cuts would be the sanding and finishing of each piece prior to assembly. Especially since it appears to have a shine and reflection from each piece.
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    Google Master Needed Lol

    Those are 3/8 shank
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    Couldnt you dado the bulk and then just dovetail the side angles?
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    Air Compressor Recommendations

    We use quincy and have been happy with them at where I work. We definitely saw a big difference between 5 and 7.5 hp. So if you can go with bigger. We bought direct from quincy, but I think northern tool sells them as well m
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    And more floating shelves

    Not to hijack thread but out of curiosity how deep are the shelves? I would think after a point they would deflect down in the front unless you go thicker ? But to clarify I have never made one, but thinking about making 2 for a bathroom.
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    Cutting board

    Did he want edge grain or end grain? I like walnut for end grain. Maybe maple or cherry mixed in.
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    Standing shave horse

    Mike did you watch highland woodworker video at the 30 min mark. That style could be made higher where you are standing.
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    Super Max 19-38 Drum Sander - $750 (Chesterfield)

    Wish I was closer. I agree that price is awesome if new!
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    Spalted maple stain options

    Just mineral oil as I was using for a hot mat. It looked light until oil applied. I am not sure why but I have some that turned dark and some stayed light. Both looked light after sanding. I am not sure what the difference is. As the pieces were cutoffs. Maybe someone else has some...
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    Spalted maple stain options

    Not sure how dark she wants, but I have had some that I used for hot mats and oil darkened it. This is ambrosia not spalted.
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    Shop Cabinets

    Looks nice. Great job.
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    Collapsed pail

    Mark someone in dunn sells them on marketplace e for about $10. Just have to keep an eye out for them.
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    Bow saw

    I like the tarvol mostly because it had a sheath
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    Enclosure for laser engraver

    Was this about your wife or laser? Chris
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    Enclosure for laser engraver

    Did you buy the 15w or 20w? What is your overall recommendation on this laser?
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    Bored 7 Year Old

    So I found a few things we did together. Not fine woodworking. But he got to help and enjoys using what we made.
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    Bird feeder design needed

    Take a look at these

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