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    PSA - Don't leave cordless batteries on chargers

    I have seen folks hook up their chargers to a timer that shuts off shortly after the charge time. Worth looking into.
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    First Drum Sander Thoughts

    I have the Woodmaster dual drum sander. Don't use it as much since I got a Hammer jointer/planer machine with the Silent Power cutting head. Comes out of the planer ready to sand starting with 120 grit. Don't sand any Pine as a first test with your new machine like I did. It will gum up the...
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    Worried too much about wasted wood?

    Currently making cutting boards from off-cuts that are too nice to toss in the waste bin. Getting an early start on Christmas gifts.
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    Bandsaw Vibration

    Make sure the pulleys are attached solidly to the shafts. Maybe the set screw has loosened.
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    Free magazines

    Fine Woodworking, Fine Homebuilding, Wood, Popular Woodworking, some woodturning magazines. I live in WInterville just outside Greenville. Text to two 5 two-5 six five-two seven five 7. If not gone by July 15 will haul to dump. Thanks.
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    Building Question: Shop Expansion

    Consider a shed roof to expand the width. Easy to frame; just carefully remove the siding on that side and re-use it on the addition. Less material to purchase for the long wall ends.
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    Woodfast short bed lathe-SOLD

    For sale Woodfast lathe Model M410/16" center 5 speed ranges from 60 - 2750 RPM/20"swing 220 Volt single phase input to a 3 phase inverter to allow variable speeds #2 Morse taper/includes 6 and 12 inch tool rests/manual Selling as I just got a Laguna 1636 Asking $425.00 Text me for photos Two 5...
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    Pallet tool

    Plan on having some wastage when recycling pallets for projects. I have used the wide pry bars and hammer blows to salvage pallets in the past. When I lived in South Georgia I heard a story of some pallets that came from the local Firestone tire plant. Seems one of the maintenance guys salvaged...
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    Another Flip Top Cart

    Back in the day Sears offered one of these that held 3 machines. Metal frame on casters; there is one of those at the Habitat Restore in Greenville for around a C-note.
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    Stealth gloat and question

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    WTB Air Cleaner

    Its a Shop Fox air cleaner. I'm only asking $75.00-new ones sell in the $180.00 to $230.00 range. Runs great. I just don't use it anymore. I could send some photos via text.
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    WTB Air Cleaner

    I have one that I no longer use; forgot the model (Shop Fox I think). It runs fine but the remote is missing or lost. I am in Winterville (outside of Greenville). Two 5 Two-Five 6 Five- Two 7 Five 7.
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    Need a new dado set

    The Freud set from Lowe's has been around $99.00 for years. Got mine over 10 years ago and it is still going strong.
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    Drilling holes into tile?

    Lee Valley/Veritas has diamond coated bits made for drilling into tile and glass.
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    Hurricane Safety and Prep.

    Spent 25 years ibn the insurance claims business, so I stay prepared for these occasions. Have some cash on hand in case power is down; get a full tank of propane for your grill for cooking; batteries for flash lights; make sure prescriptions are filled. Hopefully we only get some rain and...
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    Reasonably Priced Non Ethanol Fuel

    I had to take my pressure washer back to the dealer to have the carb cleaned due to leaving regular gas in the tank/carb over the winter. Since then I have begun to use the 4-stroke fuel available from Lowes and outdoor power equipment dealers in the gallon cans. This contains a fuel stabilizer...
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    Dust Collection on planer, not working well

    I only have a single stage 1 1/2 HP dust collector, so I located my 16" jointer/planer machine closest to the collector. From what I have read, it helps to locate the biggest dust/chip producer closest to the dust collector. The shorter the piping the better.
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    Good table saw for around $1300

    Check out the Grizzly website. I got a used hybrid table saw made by Grizzly that works on either 120 or 240 volt. Cast iron and you can get a mobile base for it for a reasonable cost.
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    Picking A New Riding Mower

    I have had a Toro SW4200 for 3 years now and it has been a great purchase. Would buy again in a heartbeat. Zero turn but with the familiar steering wheel. Got mine from a dealer that caters to the landscape pros. Don't waste your money on a mower from the big box stores; they are built to sell...
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    Pressure Washer help?

    If you get a gas model, be sure to seek out a gas station that sells ethanol-free gas. If you use conventional gas and let it sit unused for several months, the deposits from the gas will gum up the carb. Unlike a mower, a pressure washer washer will sit in storage for a long time until the next...

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