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  1. decibel

    Festool domino Charlotte $700

    Not mine but if I didn't have one I wouldn't be posting
  2. decibel

    Worried too much about wasted wood?

    Hey guys I have a hard time with my projects because I spend so much time trying to eek out every part out of the least amount of lumber possible. I am grabbing off cuts digging through scrap to prevent waste. Am I going too far l. I just feel guilty cutting up big boards when. I can find...
  3. decibel

    Drilling deeper holes than quill travel.

    So I need to drill out some deep 3/8" holes 5" and 9" deep. Now I ditched my drill press but my old one was only a 4 quill travel. I will eventually replace that drill press that would handle the 5" deep hole but obviously it wouldn't help with the deeper one. I'm probably going to...
  4. decibel

    Drill press in Charlotte?

    So I got rid of my drill press to make space in my shop and of course now I need one. I figured I could get to one at the makerspace here but it's not available. I need to hog out some material for my Roubo legs and drill a the pins for the Criss Cross. I probably won't be ready for that...
  5. decibel

    Building Question: Shop Expansion

    So I have a 12X24 detached shop that I am CRAMMED in to. I can't go much wider because there is an easement that limits my width. I can probably squeeze out 2 more feet and move up to 14 feet, 16 feet will probably be too much. I can add length at least another 8 - 10 feet. It's a site...
  6. decibel

    Roubo with 4/4

    I'm really wrestling with the idea of building my top of 4/4 material. I bought quite a bit of 4/4 maple probably 8 years ago from a group buy to build a bench but before I had any idea about a Roubo. I have some 8/4 stock just not a ton (probably enough to laminate the legs). I'm just...
  7. decibel

    Burls where to find in Charlotte?

    I've been sucked into the vortex and would like to play with some bigger blanks and burls. Where's the best place to find burls near charlotte or must I order them from one of the big hardwood dealers?
  8. decibel

    Good dedicated rip blade?

    Looking for some advice on a rip blade. I currently use the Forrest WWII and Love it. I make end grin cutting boards from time to time and usually just leave in the Forrest and it's fine. Last week I was matching out several And decided to switch to my Freud rip blade from home depot. It...
  9. decibel

    SuperNova Chuck $139

    The chuck will be going on sale at woodcraft but I picked up one today from the Matthews store. I haven't watched them closely but I think that's a pretty good deal.
  10. decibel

    Gloatage: UPS left me some packages :)

    So the slippery slope has begun. UPS left me some presents What is it you say well the dropped me off a nice little "vac" which goes with the "new to me" Domino :banana: Maybe more green tools in my future. :cool: Festool - Faster, Easier, Smarter-- Homeless :rotflm:
  11. decibel

    8/4 purpleheart Charlotte?

    Anybody know where I can get some at around charlotte without paying with one of my appendages? If not looks the Hardwood Store has what I'm looking for but if I got there I fear I'll come back home with a lot more than just purpleheart. :gar-La;
  12. decibel

    McFeely faster shipping!

    Just wanted to mention that i had a nice surprise this week. I placed my order for a box of screws on Tuesdays as it usually takes ~ 3 days to get here. Well UPS pulls up Wednesday with a 2 boxes ( I was expecting another package from anyway). Sure enough my screws was the 2nd package, I...
  13. decibel

    Using bird feathers for inlay?

    The LOML and I both enjoy watching our bird feeders in the backyard. From time to time we can get a few feathers that hopefully just fell off and aren't the remains of a bird a bit too slow :no: Anyway I would really like to use one as in inlay on a end table or box or something but didn't...
  14. decibel

    Finish heat resistance?

    I've replaced the top from the my first kitchen table I made a year go. Wasn't the best idea for that to be my first project ever but hey I learned plenty. Now I made the new top out of black walnut and put on my finish. Here's the finish schedule I used. 2 coats of garnet shellac ~1.5# cut...
  15. decibel

    First project I'll claim. Walnut nightstand

    Well I'm 95% done with the nightstand for the wife. Learned quite a bit from this one as I had to do some real joinery. I took this from a plan in Fine woodworking and the sliding dovetails, haunched tenons and frame and panel construction, half blind dovetail drawer box. (leigh jig!) were...
  16. decibel

    Laying out joints for consistent reveal

    OK this is probably a very newbie question but I'm building a nightstand. The sides are frame and panels and I'm about to join the sides together. I've seen the top rail (I guess that's the best term) will be dovetailed into the side leg. The sliding dovetail videos / articles show them...
  17. decibel

    Home Inspectors

    I"m looking for a good home inspector in charlotte NC. We're considering buy a home that is as is and want to get a good inspection to ensure the house is structurally sound. Anybody had good experience with an insepctor.
  18. decibel

    Friend offered me a tree what now?

    My dad just told me a friend of the family just took down a black walnut tree. This person had seen a pen I mad my dad out of walnut and thought maybe i would want it. So the question is what do I do now? He said it has not been cut into small pieces yet so what's the best way to attack it...
  19. decibel

    Almost started fire with CA glue

    Hopefully you guys know this or can at least explain to me why. Anyway I was glueing the tubes in some pen blanks the other day and just happened to have an old cotton rag on on my assembly table and quite a few drops landed on the rag. I'd say within 10 seconds the rag was smoldering white...
  20. decibel

    Ryobi Drum Sander $250

    Not mine on the charlotte craigslist. Ryobi 16”-32” Wide Drum Sander/WDS 1600. Older drum sander but works, used it for sanding cutting boards and veneer. Looks like same seller has a few items.

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