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  1. Truefire

    Needing chuck key for Ridgid drill press 1/2" chuck

    I have an older Ridgid floor model drill press. Model: DP15501. My chuck key (817339) has completely fell apart in my hand. All of the replacement site pages.."they're obsolete." Anyone familiar with a site that might house older, obsolete tooling? I did locate a key earlier but didn't...
  2. Truefire

    Lathe manufacture/make....headstock quick release mechanism.. Any machinists?

    There is a video on youtube of this fine fellow over in Japan which makes very nice fountain ink pens. He owns this smaller metal lathe of the sorts which has a quick release mechanism built onto the backside of the headstock. Anyone have any idea what the mechanism is termed, called, etc...
  3. Truefire

    Radiant heat--stranded wire grid sandwich between two layers drywall

    Attempting to ascertain what the name of the heating system is called (or was called) which is found in the early 70 homes and perhaps late 60 homes, whereby a wire grid is created between two layers of sheetrock on the ceiling? The system consisted of #12AWG stranded wires which received...
  4. Truefire

    Elevated wood floor above grade - insulating options brainstorm

    Have a project pending and brainstorming on insulating means for an elevated wood floor. Needing the flooring insulated very well between the joists. Been thinking about mineral wool between joists largely due to it's breathability. However, also thought momentarily on rigid foam board for a...
  5. Truefire

    Wooden frame mating bolts -- ? -> for reinforcing

    Could someone please tell me what the bolts are called which are used in recessed pockets to reinforce mitered cuts on large wooden frames? They are essentially a 1/4" hex head bolt which goes through two pieces of flats (one on each side of the miter) with nut attached. They sit down in...
  6. Truefire

    Craftsman Atlas lathe bed-- didn't want anyone to miss

    Didn't want anyone to miss this one-- nice lathe bed for a Craftsman Atlas metal lathe. Just received the link in my feeds-- For what its worth -
  7. Truefire

    Needing to buy- piece of 5"x5" Persimmon chunk approximately 5-6" long

    I am in need of a chunk of quality Persimmon at least 5" x 5" and somewhere close to 6" in length. How much are you wanting for it? thanks. I am willing to pay for shipment through USPS. Can pay you via paypal, no issues.
  8. Truefire

    Looking 6" x 6" Cedar or Cherry timbers

    I am sourcing 6" x 6" Cedar or Cherry timbers and wondering if anyone might be familiar with a sawyer that has some kiln dried stock? I am needing 10' pieces to have minimal waste. Need to be as free of cracks as possible. Going to be in need of approximately 28, although wouldn't'...
  9. Truefire

    Recent class with Mary May in Winterville

    This past weekend I had a marvelous time at Mary May's two day carving class which was hosted by Stuart over at the NC Furniture School in Winterville. It was such a fantastic class...very engaging and therapeutic. I had a blast. Learned a bunch and it was neat to meet Mary May in person for...
  10. Truefire

    Wood source- eastern NC

    I stopped by Stuart Kent's shop over in Winterville yesterday to discuss a project with him. I was met with a pleasant surprise. Stuart had a significant stack of lumber / slabs - 4/4 and 8/4 boards/ slabs, rift and quarter sawn Oak and Cherry...just some beautiful pieces. Many of the pieces...
  11. Truefire

    A few duck calls --some Zebrawood and such

    A few recent turnings right off the chuck. Zebrawood allotment, a few of which possess a faved wood--good ol Osage Orange (Bois de' Arc). Plus, a Walnut striped Cherry duck call.
  12. Truefire

    Power tool- what is this?

    Could anyone advise what this particular power tool is termed and what exactly is it used for? I have seen them occasionally throughout my life, here and there...can't really recall where exactly. Obviously I have never had a usage for them. I was looking for another type of tool tonight...
  13. Truefire

    Simple build- nestled thoughts

    Small, White Oak box for memorabilia. Simple build but enjoyable. Cutting the box joints by hand along with some details such as lining install provided a great deal of refreshment. The closed box and the handkerchief represent the many tears they cry in the midnight hour with all...
  14. Truefire

    Editing folders in personal gallery

    Could someone advise where to navigate in order to amend, change or delete one's 'personal' gallery folders? (once inside your personal profile, clicking on the gallery tab will take you to your personal folders, then-->) I can edit the individual pictures inside of these folders but cannot...
  15. Truefire

    Looking for some Persimmon chunks.

    Anyone have or familiar with someone that might be offering some chunks of Persimmon for sale? I am searching for approximate 2.5" - 3" cubes or pieces whereby these might be acquired. Thanks
  16. Truefire

    Needing help on terminology to locate part- cylindrical nut....

    I am attempting to locate cylindrical nuts, often used to embed into a piece of woodwork or otherwise, which possess a 'tapped through hole' perpendicular to the cylindrical axis. Anyone have any ideas what these are properly termed for search results? Needing the tapped hole to be 7/16"-14...
  17. Truefire

    Deer Grunt tube turned for friend - - the buck that followed

    I turned a couple of deer grunts for a very special friend of mine which I spent time in the Army with. He had asked me if I could make his brother one also while I was at it, so that he could give it to him as a Christmas gift. My reply was, "Absolutely, I have no issue with that." You see...
  18. Truefire

    A few recent duck call turnings

    I haven't shared any of my duck call turnings up here in awhile I don't believe. I've been busy in other venues. Some recent shop time. an all Cedar call Maple striped call with an Osage Orange insert Zebrawood with Figured Maple/Walnut insert
  19. Truefire

    Any Commercial / Industrial Electricians onboard- i'm looking empty Cadweld plastic containers

    Any electricians that execute thermowelding that utilize Cadweld products that might have some leftover, empty - opaque, rectangular plastic containers -? I would love to buy about a half a dozen from you? Will pay shipping charge up front. I'm looking for the rectangular containers that hold...
  20. Truefire

    Hardwood flooring...wonder what type of finish?

    Just wondering if any have experience with a hardwood floor install similar to this and what one might think the finish app is to give it this hue? Love this. It looks almost like Loblolly Pine with several coats of Waterlox finish. Definitely need to enlarge the photo by clicking on it to...

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