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  1. Jimbo

    Table Saw Journey

    I made the same calculation as a pediatric cardiac anesthesiologist! The safety feature alone sold me, but I've never felt that there was any trade-off in quality - it's a great machine. No issues related to temperature, either, btw...
  2. Jimbo

    An interesting beech tree

    "Flame birch is amazing!" --Bill I spent several months in New Hampshire being the nanny to my infant granddaughter, and looked for wood scores on my off days. Somewhere in the wilds of southern Vermont there was a third generation sawyer where I got the birch in the picture. He told me that...
  3. Jimbo

    Jefferson book stand

    I made two of these a few years back, with the intention of having one be gift worthy. My daughter was graduating from the University of Virginia and so I was following the little known rule that gifts must have a Jeffersonian theme... I used 8/4 mahogany and bookmatched all the panels; also...
  4. Jimbo

    Phenolic saw plates cheap!

    Hi, I'd like to be in for 4 for Sawstop Pro 3 HP. PE to Winston -Salem or happy to pay for shipping. If the response has overwhelmed to system I'm OK to wait for a second wave. Thanks, Jim
  5. Jimbo

    Any table saw whisperers near Winston-Salem?

    To all the kind respondents: I think I've got it. It seemed to me that one of my early assumptions must have been wrong (as in the original post), so I went back and re-checked, those, re-ran the 5-cut process, and checked with multiple squares. Also, not being frustrated when I went back to...
  6. Jimbo

    Any table saw whisperers near Winston-Salem?

    Hi Cris, Thanks for your kind offer. I think I'll try another few rounds of the 5 cut method and see if that finally lands on a square place. If not, I'd greatly appreciate having another set of eyes check things. I should say that my frustration derives largely from the fact that in the past...
  7. Jimbo

    Any table saw whisperers near Winston-Salem?

    Thanks to all replies. I've checked the squareness of my cuts with several squares, which give consistent results. Also, when I've been square with these squares in past tablesaw joinery has been good (if that makes sense). I did check squares with the parallel line test as above - Photo...
  8. Jimbo

    Any table saw whisperers near Winston-Salem?

    Posting out of frustration. I've been trying to re-square my Incra miter guide on a SawStop 3hp, and none of the methods that have worked before have been successful. So far: Miter slot is parallel to blade (and Freud calibration disc) by dial indicator No play in the runner Gauge is square to...
  9. Jimbo

    Getting Played (my mandolin, that is)

    Bill, Beautiful work. I'm a hobby woodworker who played mandolin for many many years, and been fortunate to own some wonderful instruments. I also have tried unsuccessfully to build a playable mandolin. So I know whereof I speak in saying that you have real talent - the fit and finish of the...
  10. Jimbo

    Freud Dado sets on closeout at Lowes

    And I just got the last one from the W-S Hanes Mall Blvd store. Kudos to all on this thread - they honored the copy of the receipt and sold it for $45. After all - the only thing better than scoring a new tool is the feeling that you GOT OVER while scoring a new tool! Jim O'Brien

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