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  1. tdukes

    Dying Wood

    Was wondering how fabric dye ofr food coloring would work for dying wood? Anyone ever tried? TIA
  2. tdukes

    Florip Toolworks Dovetail Saw

    WOW!! Just got my dovetail saw from Forip Toolworks!! Have to say this is a piece of art. Not sure I want to use it or hang it on the wall!!
  3. tdukes

    Leather Strop - Game Changer

    I bought a leather stropping disc for my WorkSharp 3000. Backing up a bit, I was squaring the corners on some stopped dados on the bathroom wall cabinet I built a couple months back. The cheapo Irwin-Marples chisels I used were sharpened/flatened to 800 grit. Had to use a mallet make the cuts...
  4. tdukes

    Time Life Books The Art of Woodworking

    I found a full set of these books on eBay. I have one of the books, Cabinet Making I got years ago. I know they are dated but there maybe good info in them. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  5. tdukes

    What is a Fret Saw?

    Hello, I've heard the term fret saw before. I assumed it was another name for a coping saw but apparently they are two different things. Seems the fret saw use a finer blade. Is it a scroll saw blade? If so, pinned or not pinned? TIA
  6. tdukes

    Dovetails on a table saw

    Got my Ridge Carbide 7 degree, 1:6, blade Friday. Had some time today and got the tails cut on a 1x8 piece of BORG poplar. Not as easy as the videos. Guessing they did this a time or two before putting the video together. Will say there was nothing to cleanup with a chisel. Traced out the...
  7. tdukes

    Saw Set

    Hello, I picked a Disston No. 4 on eBay pretty cheap. It's probably one of the last ones made. Anyway, I thought I would try to teach myself saw sharpening but a little confused about a a saw set. Seems the Stanley 42W is model in demand but from what I've read, it may be too large (ppi) for...
  8. tdukes

    Florip Toolworks

    Hello, Anyone have any knowledge of this company? US Marine Vet owned. TIA
  9. tdukes

    Robert Sorby 10" Dovetail Saw circa 1870

    Yea or nay? Thoughts...
  10. tdukes

    Cast iron cleaning

    Hello, I'm sure some, if not most, have done this before so maybe it will help someone that hasn't. It has been a while since I cleaned and polished my table saw's cast iron top. Glue, sweat, humidity really takes it's toll. Got out my ROS sander with 320 grit and WD-40 and went to work...
  11. tdukes

    Dovetail saw blade angle

    Hello, Was thinking about having a local sharpening service take a 40T general purpose blade (never used) that came with my table saw and have it ground for cutting dovetails. I'm guessing he can do it or, I will let him try to see if he can. I use an Incra V27 miter guage that has stops every...
  12. tdukes

    Hand Planes with Corrugated Soles

    Hello, Sooo, been thinking about looking for a Stanley #6 on eBay. Most I see have the corrugated sole. I know Stanley did that for a while as a marketing thing but does that have an adverse effect on its functionality? I can see its less material getting the sole flattened. Any downside? TIA
  13. tdukes

    Sharpening a spokeshae blade

    Hello, Got an old Stanley 151 spokeshave off eBay a while back. The blade was pretty bad. Yesterday, I made a blade holder similar to what Paul Sellers uses. It worked OK but don't think it was made to work on a WorkSharp. I don't think the angle is quite right. I used it today and it seems to...
  14. tdukes

    Shooting Board

    Hello, So, I'm thinking about making a shooting board. I think it would be helpful when you just need to take just a hair off rather than trying to take it off on the table saw. I have plenty of scraps to make one. I only have two hand planes, a Stanley low angle block plane and a Stanley #5...
  15. tdukes

    Microjig dovetail clamps

    Bought a pair of these a year or so ago. Looked promising. My really small and catch all Sjobergs bench has two vises but the screw would interfere with any long boards. (Shaker blanket chest w/ dovetails in the planning process) Thought about making a moxon vise but looked kinda complicated...
  16. tdukes

    Bathroom Wall Cabinet - Completed

    Well, I finally finished the wall cabinet. I appreciate all the help in this journey. Pretty satisfied the way it turned out except for the doors. Had problems with spaceballs and the glues joints. Will most like re-do the doors. Its definitely been a learning experience.
  17. tdukes

    Dovetails on a table saw

    I know this may be cheating to some, but has anyone tried dovetails on a table saw? Ran across this video from Fine Woodworking: I'm sure some here can knock them out as fast as this guy: Would love to...
  18. tdukes

    Bessey Revo Jr Parallel Clamps

    Bought 4 of the Bessey 18" Jr clamps. I am thoroughly disappointed in them. I have a small fortune invested in the 'standard' Bessey parallel clamps. The Jr's are not up to those standards. They are lacking the rubber pads and will twist upon tightening. I tried using them on the raised panel...
  19. tdukes

    Cabinet door pulls location

    Have pretty much finished my bathroom wall cabinet. Got the Blum euro hinges installed. Took me about a half hour to figure out how to release the doors after they snapped in, LOL!! Was almost in a panic. Any way, is there 'standard' location for the door pulls? I'm planning to mount the...
  20. tdukes


    UGH!! So, Sunday, I glued up my raised panels for the wall cabinet I'm building. I allowed an 1/8" for side to side movement and 1/16" top to bottom. I used MLCS's raised panel calculator. I allowed 3/32" around the doors as they will be inset with euro hinges. I put spaceballs in the stiles...

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