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    Veneer Problem

    So... I've done a few small veneer jobs using a lot of clamps all around the perimeter. Worked well. Never needed/wanted to invest a lot of $$$ in a vacuum system. But now I have a large single piece of veneer, 16x20. I'm hesitant to ask for help, i.e. use of a vacuum bag, because of this...
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    Sunny Scrollers Group

    There will be a meeting of the Sunny Scrollers group this coming Sunday, March 1st from 2-4 PM at Klingspor in Cary. It should be a very informative and interesting meeting as the president of the Carolina Scrollers in Western NC is coming from Winston Salem to address the group. Please note...
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    Raleigh area SHOP Crawl - 12/7/19 Updated 12/4/19

    If space is available or opens up due to cancellation, I would like to join this crawl please. Thanks. Ed
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    Sunny Scrollers!

    Once again our group the Sunny Scrollers is meeting this Sunday, November 4th (always the first Sunday of every month) at Klingspor in Cary. As always, we meet 2-4 PM and the meetings are free and open to everyone. Please join us whether you are a scroller or not and see what we're all about...
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    Sunny Scrollers

    Again, Hi All! This weekend has the first Sunday in October so it's time again for the monthly meeting of the Sunny Scrollers group. We'll be discussing and showing projects everyone has made using letters including different fonts as well as lower case and capital letters. Our meeting takes...
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    Sunny Scrollers Mtg.

    Hi Everyone! Tomorrow, Sept. 1st, there will be a meeting of the Sunny Scrollers scroll saw group from 2-4 PM at Kligspor's in Cary. Yes, even though it's a holiday weekend our group decided to meet anyway. So, if any of you are scroll sawers or are just interested in learning more about it...
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    Sunny Scrollers meeting

    All Woodworkers! There will be a Sunny Scrollers meeting this Sunday, tomorrow, August 4th at Klingspor in Cary. As always, it will be from 2-4 pm and everyone, whether a member of the group or not, is welcome. Please join us!!
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    Grizzly Cyclone $450

    SOLD !!!! Thank you HfH of Winston-Salem. Hope it gives you many years of reliable service.
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    Grizzly Cyclone $450

    Ed - you, or your representative - are welcome to inspect the collector and see/hear it in operation. Full disclosure - this is absolutely the G0440 model, 2 HP, 220V. My assertion above re: the G0441 number is wrong. My error, I'm sorry. (1) It is still available. (2) Located in Cary, NC (my...
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    Grizzly Cyclone $450

    This is the 2HP model G0441 from 8-10 years ago. I believe Grizzly has given the 0441 number to their newer 3HP machine. From the floor to the top of the motor is 96 inches. You will definitely want at least a 9 ft ceiling for this machine.
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    Grizzly Cyclone $450

    Grizzly 2HP Model G0441 cyclone dust collector. Purchased new in 2008. Still in perfect operating condition, fully assembled. 35 gallon chip drum (smaller than one in photo). Noise reduction muffler included. Remote control included. 220V.
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    Sunny Scrollers

    There will be a meeting of the Sunny Scrollers (scroll saw club) this Sunday, July 7th, 2019 from 2-4 PM at Klingspors Woodworking shop in Cary, NC. Everyone is invited! Lee K.
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    Sunny Scrollers meeting June 2, 2019

    The Scroll Saw club, Sunny Scrollers, will have their next meeting at Klingspore's in Cary, NC on Sunday, June 2nd from 2-4 PM. Can't wait to see everyone there as I've been out of the country for the past two meetings. The meeting is open to everyone whether you scroll saw or want to learn...
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    Sunny Scroller meeting

    Hi All! This Sunday, February 3rd will be a meeting of the Sunny Scroller club at Klingspor in Cary from 2-4 PM. Everyone both old and new are welcome!!
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    Sunny Scrollers Meeting 1/6

    Hi! This past Sunday was the first Sunny Scroller club meeting of 2019! Happy New Year to all. Our attendance was the largest yet and Klingspor has permanently assigned us to meet in the large, back room at their shop in Cary. Our first business was to decide that all members should be...
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    Sunny Scrollers Meeting 1/6

    Hi All! The first Sunny Scrollers meeting of 2019 will be held this coming Sunday 1/6 from 2-4 PM at Klingspor's Woodworking Shop in Cary. As a reminder, meetings are always held on the first Sunday of each month, same time and place. EVERYONE is welcome whether you scroll or not as we will...
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    3rd Sunny Scrollers meeting

    Hi Everyone! It's been a week since our last Sunny Scrollers meeting but I'm finally writing a short recap. We missed a couple of previous attendees but had a new one so we still had 5 people and had great time. Our oldest scroller also happens to be a wood carver and he brought an...
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    3rd Sunny Scrollers meeting

    Hi All! This Sunday, Dec. 2nd, will be the third meeting of the Sunny Scrollers (scroll saw) at Klingspor woodwork shop in Cary at @ 2pm. Hope to see any and all scrollers there and anyone who is even interested in scroll sawing. Lee K.
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    Sunny Scrollers meeting

    Hi all interested Scroll Sawers! This past Sunday was the second meeting of the Sunny Scrollers at Klingspor. We had some very intricate, beautiful pieces of art brought by members of our club that generated lots of praise. We also had lots of discussion and information exchanged which was...
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    Sunny Scrollers meeting

    This Sunday, Nov. 4th will be the 2nd meeting of the newly formed scroll sawers (Sunny Scrollers) in the Triangle. It will be held at Klingspor in Cary from 2-4 PM. Please bring your latest project for "show and tell" and any questions to ask of the group. There is also some very BIG news to...

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