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    No-name eBay chisel restore

    I got a fairly inexpensive socket chisel on eBay to see if I could restore it to working order. It is 1.5" wide. No maker's mark, pretty big grinder gouges on the top (ownership marks?) and some cracks in the steel visible on the back near where the socket starts. The back was not especially...
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    Heat sterilizing lumber?

    My mother had a few walnut trees cut down a couple years ago and we have a bunch of walnut boards and some flitches that have been air drying outside in her back yard since. It's definitely time to take them inside. I don't really have space for them indoors here in Raleigh but my brother in...
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    Grinder wheel - toss it? + recommendations

    I got a new bench grinder today (have not owned one before) and put it together. The grinder was shipped with the wheels attached but I took them off and did a ring test on both wheels on 8 points and they sounded OK based on what I understand they should sound like. When I spun it up I noticed...
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    Leg vise screw hole / parallel guide clearances

    I'm working on my first real workbench (more or less a Roubo style), and I'm in the middle of working on my leg vise. The leg vise is a traditional pin board/parallel guide style. I have not had the opportunity to use a leg vise in person and while I have tried to refer to every book/video/set...
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    Flattening many Record 044 blades

    I recently ordered a Record 044 plow plane off of eBay. It came with a set of 8 irons that are all out of flat on the tip in the same way. (See attached -- I sharpied the top part of the backs and rubbed them a little on 2000 grit sandpaper on float glass.) Given how long it took to mostly...
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    Advice on milling river birch log / possible projects

    My mother had to have a mature river birch tree (>25 years old) on her lot cut down, as it was putting roots under her house and getting large enough to pose a serious risk if it blew over onto the house. The tree had some sentimental value so we got a section of it saved for maybe using in...

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