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  1. Jerome B

    A Great source of Walnut in Chapel Hill

    Some of it has been in a solar kiln and the rest has been air dried and is at least 10 yrs old.
  2. Jerome B

    Electrical options of r setting up a new shop

    Y'all are a wealth of great information. I am in Graham, so I will have Duke Energy. Sounds like it is time to call Duke Energy and get an idea of what option they want to offer. I decided to wait on expanding the shop to make sure that I had the budget to outfit building well. I am glad...
  3. Jerome B

    Electrical options of r setting up a new shop

    I am a bit worried about the power drop and I like the idea aoaf having a seperate bill. Was it prohibitively expensive to get the separate line?
  4. Jerome B

    A Great source of Walnut in Chapel Hill

    I was just over at Keith Yow's saw mill yesterday. He just retired from teaching furniture making at Cedar Grove HS. He has a great selection of walnut, ponderosa pine, and I believe some birch. The walnut ranges from 5/4-16/4 and he has a good amount of wide stuff. His prices are good. Go...
  5. Jerome B

    Electrical options of r setting up a new shop

    I am moving my shop into a new space, the garage at my new house. I am looking at options of what to do about electricity, and I am trying to think long term. The garage is detached from the house. I am wondering which is the better option. 1.Run a line from the house fuse panel (200 amp) or...
  6. Jerome B

    best source for wide SYP boards?

    They have a great selection. When I called they said that most of their boards were in the 6"-9" realm. I want 13"-14" I have gotten them in the past, but it was from a log that I had sawn into boards for me. Unfortuantely my stash has gotten rather low. I really don't want to glue up boards.
  7. Jerome B

    best source for wide SYP boards?

    I am about to make some Thomas Jefferson book boxes. I need some SYP that is atleast 13" wide prefereably 5/4 thick, but 4/4 will do. Where can I find material like? While I am at it I need some wide Walnut boards also. I am in Graham.
  8. Jerome B

    Free Fine Woodworking library

    I letting go of my Fine Woodworking Library It runs from 1977-2008. I am giving it away. Anyone interested in it? I am moving and I am not sure if I want to take it along with me. I am outside of Chapel Hill, NC -Edit: Magazines have been taken Jerome
  9. Jerome B

    furniture camp 3 2019-04-16

  10. Jerome B

    furniture camp 2 2019-04-16

  11. Jerome B

    furniture camp 2a 2019-04-16

  12. Jerome B

    furniture camp 1 2019-04-16

  13. Jerome B

    furniture camp 1a 2019-04-16

  14. Wash stand

    Wash stand

  15. Jerome B

    WTB Butternut lumber

    I was wondering when you guys plane your wood what isthe thickest that you can get out of 4/4 rough sawn stock? The origia that I am copying is calling for 7/8 thickness. Jerome
  16. Jerome B

    WTB Butternut lumber

    I am doing well. I like the idea of the hardwood store they are nice and close!
  17. Jerome B

    table legs in need of a home

    I have two or three complete Duncan phyfe dining room table, table legs that I inherited. I have had them in the attic for way too long. They need a new home. I don't want to send them to the trash so if someone is interested they are yours. Jerome Mebane, NC
  18. Jerome B

    WTB Butternut lumber

    I am working on a project that calls for butternut aka "white walnut." I am looking for 5/4 (final dim 7/8") and 6/4 thickness. Does anyone have a a suggestion of where I could get some. Thanks, Jerome Bias
  19. Jerome B

    Free dining room table - needs love

    I have a dining room table that I am ready to let go of. I am not quite sure how to get rid of it so I thought that I would post it here and see if anyone is interested in taking it on as a project. This is am image of half of it. the other half is still in the attic. The veneer...
  20. table


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