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  1. Hook

    New member and woodworker from Charlotte area

    Welcome Kevin! May your sawdust be fine!
  2. Hook


    Very Cool!
  3. Hook

    Makita 9.6v stick batteries

    This was my second set of OEM Batteries. They seem to last about 5 years before they just will not take a charge anymore.
  4. Hook

    Makita 9.6v stick batteries

    Anyone have any luck with aftermarket batteries to replace the 9.6v Makita NiCD stick batteries? I have perfectly good tools I hate to have to replace. Seems like I cannot find batteries anywhere except on Amazon anymore.
  5. Hook

    Target Stand

    He can put a smile on a target at 10 yards with my .44. Puts me to shame.
  6. Hook

    Target Stand

  7. Hook

    Checker board

    very nice!
  8. Hook

    Target Stand

  9. Hook

    I call it stress relief

    With tax season in full swing again, time is precious and my nerves are shot. :eek: A little time at the saw helps relieve the stress.:cool: Patterns are courtesy of SSW&C, do not recall the issue #'s: Crow puzzle (Or raven for the EAP fans): Snowman Ornaments:
  10. Hook

    Target Stand

    I've done a couple of these now, made this one for a local pastor to set up in his back yard for target practice: Nothing special about the construction - just plywood and 2x4's with some screws and glue
  11. Snowman Ornaments

    Snowman Ornaments

  12. Crow Puzzle

    Crow Puzzle

  13. Target Stand

    Target Stand

  14. Target Stand

    Target Stand

  15. Target Stand

    Target Stand

  16. Target Stand

    Target Stand

  17. Target Stand

    Target Stand

  18. Hook

    Mighty Mo finally assembled

    Michael, It's hard to say because the time has been broken up considerably - the cutout time isn't long, it's the sanding, measuring, drilling, shopping for the appropriate hardware and glue up that seem to take the bulk of the time. I would say if I have 10 hours in it, it's probably a lot...
  19. Hook

    Mighty Mo finally assembled

    I did all the cutting early in the winter and posted it here in a now old thread - then work and life got in the way. Finally getting a break from both and got this battlewagon put together, just need to poly and put some felt on the bottom. Plans and patterns from BH&G Wood magazine: Yes...
  20. Hook

    Getting back in the groove

    Between work and life, finally getting a chance to get back in the groove of things. Not quite finished yet, but finally cut out, patterns from the latest couple issues of SSW&C:

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