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    Hickory and Pecan Lumber for sale

    I have several hundred board feet of Pecan and Hickory lumber. The majority of the Hickory is 6/4 quartersawn though I do have come 3"squares. I have a couple of Pecan slabs roughly 30" wide and 8' long. Also have a couple of 6x6 white oak posts.
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    Wide Planer, Belt Sander or Drum Sander

    I have several rough cut slabs that are 24"-30" wide. Does anyone east of the Raleigh area have, or know who has, a planer, widebelt sander or drum sander that could accommodate pieces this size?
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    Pecan Lumber

    If anyone is interested I've been milling some 6 and 8/4 Pecan slabs between 12" and 30" wide. Also have a bunch of 12/4 Quartersawn from 5"-10" wide and by the end of the weekend should have a dozen or so 13" wide 4/4 Quartersawn boards.
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    Red Cedar and Pecan Hickory

    If anyone is interested I'm in the process of milling some red cedar that has gorgeous color and grain. Also milling up a bunch of Pecan Hickory, yesterday I was cut 12/4 quartersawn boards and last week I cut several full width 8/4 slabs. Also so have about a cord worth of the Pecan split as...
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    Need to part with some Black Gun (Black Tupelo) Slabs

    This week my better half informed me I have to get rid of some of the lumber I have stacking up. In order to appease her I have a number of Black Gum (Black Tupelo) slabs available. Almost all are live edge slabs ranging in width from 16"-30" inches and from 8/4 through 12/4 in thickness...
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    Looking for older Tractor to move logs/cut slabs

    This might be a bit off topic but I'm looking for an older tractor that would make my life a bit easier moving logs so I can mill them or split for firewood. Any assistance would be welcomed
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    Wood ID Help

    I was asked to help a community group dispose of a large tree that fell in a storm a couple weeks back. I'm not sure what it is other than hard, pretty and heavy. I milled down a few pieces and was hoping someone might know what it is.
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    Highly figured Red Oak turning blocks

    A few days ago I decided to see what the figure looked like in an enormous red oak root ball in the back yard. After throwing a peice on the lathe I couldn't believe how much variation and color was in this thing. Yesterday I decided to harvest some more and after almost 2 hours of cutting...
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    Yellow Pine, spalted poplar, cypress and white oak

    If anyone is interested I intend to begin milling down an old growth yellow pine log next weekend. The plan is to cut 12/4 live edge slabs and some 24/4 mantles a/o beams in widths up to 36" Next on the list will be some nicely spalted poplar, plan is to cut similar sizes in widths up to 14"...
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    Koa, Mango and Mokey Pod

    I recently got back from Hawaii and fell in love with their native woods specifically Koa, Mango and MokeyPod. I've been contemplating placing an order with one of the Hawaiian owned lumber mills. Due to the rather substantial freight costs small quantities it is cost prohibitive so I figured...
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    Advice for designing with dovetails

    I have never built anything using dovetail joints so I'm unfamiliar with creating a design using them. I am looking at designing and building three breadboxes using the same design using different lumber for my wife and her sisters. I love the look of through dovetails on boxes so I would like...

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