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  1. Tom from Clayton

    Sharpening a Curved scraper

    That's because it is when someone else does it. But for us it isn't.
  2. Tom from Clayton

    Corner china cabinets

    Seems to me Norm made a corner cupboard and his plans are still available as far as I know. May not be exactly what you are looking for but easy enough to modify.
  3. Tom from Clayton

    Dresser(s) Completed

    I REALLY like those. Nice job.
  4. Tom from Clayton

    Somehimers and age

    I have progressed from somezeimers to halfzeimers.
  5. Tom from Clayton

    Tooling Steel on Drill Bits and Chisels

    Slightly off topic but not much. My father made a couple of knives one of which traveled with his brother during WWII. He made them from old files which I think are pretty brittle. He was a machinist so maybe he treated them somehow so not so brittle. Anyway to tell short of smacking them...
  6. Tom from Clayton

    Input required

    I would like to add my vote for food banks. Feeding the Carolinas sounds like an excellent choice.
  7. Tom from Clayton

    planner sled

    I didn't cut my shelving. It comes in various sizes. All I did was put a cleat on the underside.
  8. Tom from Clayton

    planner sled

    I use a melamine covered piece of shelving from the big box store. Without looking it is about 12 inches by 36 or 48 inches. I also put wax on it every now and then.
  9. Tom from Clayton

    Morning view

    What do you mean?
  10. Tom from Clayton

    RDU CL - wood workers bench - $140 (chapel hill)

    That looks like Norms design. My first project many years ago. Still have it or whats left of it.
  11. Tom from Clayton

    How did oak trees get here?

    For those wondering check this out.
  12. Tom from Clayton

    quick poll

    I'm a pretty basic hobbyist. Enjoy spending the time but the body is breaking down so I only spend a few hours a week in the shop. Used to make things to donate to Special Olympics and the Fragile X Foundation craft fairs and such.
  13. Tom from Clayton

    HVAC catch-22

    The anti termite thing is not mine. Many of the bugs places like Terminex do it that way.
  14. Tom from Clayton

    HVAC catch-22

    Isolating the crawl space and installing a dehumidifier is a anti termite measure.
  15. Tom from Clayton

    Johnny Walker new "Bottle"

    Agree with B grade maple syrup.
  16. Tom from Clayton

    Johnny Walker new "Bottle"

    Marketing advantage most likely. Maybe the new container is lighter so there would be a shipping advantage also.
  17. Tom from Clayton

    What type of Shoes to you wear in your Workshop?

    My wife shamed me into buying these against my better judgement. I wear them everyday - most comfortable things I've worn in years. Don't tell her I said so.
  18. Tom from Clayton

    Chicken coup plans

    Whatever you build make sure you protect them from the neighborhood dogs. Wife and I had a dozen or so many years ago and the neighborhood german shepard got into them one night and killed every one. He went right through the hardware cloth I had over one of the windows.
  19. Tom from Clayton

    SOLD - Kreg KMS7102 Precision Miter Gauge System

    Yes, I still want it. I sent an earlier message this morning but I don't think I did it right. Are you available this afternoon?

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