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  1. thrt15nc

    Ridgid Granite top R4511 Tablesaw

    Curious if anyone else has one of these. I bought mine years ago and it's worked well for a long time. A couple of things have been happening with it. Lately I've noticed that there's a tiny bit of wobble in the blade. You can barely see it when it's spinning down. I cleaned up the arbor a...
  2. thrt15nc

    Free to good home

    I have a pair of adjustable sawhorses I made a long time ago. They start at 24 inches tall and you can adjust them up to a little under four feet. You'll have to firm up the bottom feet on them, but they work fine for medium sawhorse duty. Also i have a whole bunch of old cut nails. A friends...
  3. thrt15nc

    Insufficient privileges to post here

    I've been off for a while. I'm trying to post a couple of free things in the ForSale forum and it tells me I have "insufficient privileges to post here"?? Help? Thanks, Tom Swortzel
  4. thrt15nc

    Looking for a 1/2 Sheet of 3/4 inch oak or maple plywood

    Anyone have a 1/2 sheet of quality oak or maple 3/4 inch plywood they'd sell me? Or know where to get one? I'm in Clayton. Going to build a large "card table" like table for assembling large jigsaw puzzles. Some are over 42 inches. Capital City used to carry 1/2 sheets, but don't pretty much...
  5. thrt15nc

    Ridgid R4511 Table Saw Blade Nut

    I have the Ridgid granite top tablesaw. I've noticed lately that the blade nut "catches" when screwing it back on. I wiggle it a little side to side and it goes on. I'd just like to get a new one. So.......every place on the web I enter the Ridgid part # says it's been discontinued. I contacted...
  6. thrt15nc

    Big clock

    Thought I'd share my latest project if you don't mind. Plans for this were in the Wood magazine I think a few issues ago. It was fun to work on. Wood is mahogany, small piece inserted is Tamarind, the circle is birch ply and the time dots are walnut. Didn't have any walnut dowel, but wait, I...
  7. thrt15nc

    Wooden horse

    I apologize if this has been posted before. Looks amazing. Wayyyyy more patience than I have. Tom
  8. thrt15nc

    Cleaning Delta 14-651 mortiser

    I have this mortiser. While barely used by the first owner, he greased it up with something just short of road tar. So I'd like to get it apart, clean it and then get it lubed up with the correct product. Anyone have one and if so have you ever removed the stabilizer (shock absorber like...
  9. thrt15nc

    Bearing part #'s for Grizzly G0555

    I can't find it, but I remember a post a long time ago where someone had part #'s for the thrust bearings, etc. on the Grizzly G0555. #'s that local bearing suppliers would be able to find. Anyone have those? Thanks, Tom S.
  10. thrt15nc

    Raffle Ticket Purchase Database Error

    This is the second time (first was April 15) trying to buy raffle tickets that I've gotten an error after entering all my information and hitting submit. This error just said "Database error." Is there some other way I can purchase tickets and/or can someone please check this out for me...
  11. thrt15nc

    Questions about some garage sale finds

    Found the following at a garage sale. Got these and a couple other things for $15.00. This first is my favorite. Markings show it's a Peck, Stow and Wilcox No. 1200. Does anyone have a few suggestions on cleaning up the wood handle, and some of the discoloration on the steel? This is a Ridgid...
  12. thrt15nc

    A little different project for me

    Sort of easy, fun, not much stress, etc. Garden gate for my sister-in-law. Cedar and some copper work. Thanks for looking. Tom
  13. thrt15nc

    Database error buying raffle tickets

    Please verify that you received notice about a database error I received trying to purchase tickets. Do I need to re-submit, etc?? Thanks, Tom Swortzel
  14. thrt15nc

    Holly stumps

    Anybody want these? They're yours in Clayton Tom S Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. thrt15nc

    Dewalt Cmpd Slider miter saw - Craigslist

    Not mine, but I do know the owner. Saw has very little use. Tom
  16. thrt15nc

    Edit classifieds

    Can someone please delete "Old Power Tools for Sale 1" and "Old Power Tools for Sale 3" ad? Also in the "Old Power Tools for Sale 2" ad can you delete the "CP 15 inch" wording and the pic of the planer from there? Items are sold. Thanks for your help. Tom Swortzel
  17. thrt15nc

    Old Power Tools for sale in Clayton

    Hello all, I've placed three for sale ads in the classifieds. Struggle struggle. They're titled Old Power Tools for Sale in Clayton 1, 2 and 3. The father of a friend of mine passed away about 11 years ago. The family is now fairly comfortable in trying to sell some big tools in order to get...
  18. thrt15nc

    Grizzly's First Ever Fall Discount Coupon

    Got an e-mail from them announcing a fall discount. 10% off your entire order. It doesn't seem to be specifically tied to me or my e-mail. And I'm not affiliated with them, etc........... Coupon code: 14FC038831806 Valid September 17th - 30th, 2014. No minimum purchase required! Tom S.
  19. thrt15nc

    AC/USB Wall Outlets

    Anyone installed or worked with any of these or similar models? The reviews for these things on the web are all over the place. Some work, some...
  20. thrt15nc

    A couple of recent pens

    Here's a couple of pens I've finished up lately. Thanks for looking!! Tom View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery

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