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  1. Herdfan2005

    Wen track saw - initial user comments

    I paid 220 for saw and (2) 55in Powertec tracks back in Nov 2020. Mine was sold and shipped from Amazon. Looks like they are out of stock and only one selling them is another seller hence the inflated price tag. When Amazon gets these back in stock look for the price to be back at the...
  2. Herdfan2005

    Table Saw Dial Indicator Jig (Edited)

    Oops, I meant Table Saw, not miter saw, looking to check for blade and fence parallelism to miter track
  3. Herdfan2005

    Table Saw Dial Indicator Jig (Edited)

    What is everyone's preferred method to check blade and fence squareness. I been using a combination square but would like to get a little more precise. I do not have a disal indicator...yet. Did you buy a jig or make one. P.S Anyone want to put there jig to work around all the tools in my...
  4. Herdfan2005

    HVLP Gun Between Coats

    I do very little and have no seen any issues. I'll depressurize, scrap the tip and walk away. Once I am done for the day, I will dissemble and clean with hot water and soap. I've not run any oil based products through yet.
  5. Herdfan2005

    First Attempt at Maloof Style Rocking Chair

    I'll just head back over here with my pocket screws. Nice Job!
  6. Herdfan2005

    CNC Desktop Machines.....Worth Buying??

    I have a Shapeoko XXL and upgrade to the ZPLus. I am very happy with the machine and continue to learn more and more about CNC-ing. Huge community support and outstanding customer service will keep me with them until I upgrade to larger bed maybe down the road. I use vCarve for CAD and CAM.
  7. Herdfan2005

    My New DeWalt 735x Planer Arrived !

    Its the same with the dw734 I have, luckily, I have about 3 to 4 inches worth of exposed brick footer in my garage so I have space for it to snug up against the wall with the outfeed table down (due to dust port). I'm jealous of your new toy, even the the DW734 is a adequate planer, I hear the...
  8. Herdfan2005

    Axiom AR8 PRO V5

    I'm using vCarve Desktop to learn with. I have no reason to make anything over 24x24 but if I do, will upgrade to Pro.
  9. Herdfan2005

    Powertec Guide rails

    I use them with my cheap Wen. Very happy with them.
  10. Herdfan2005


    Good thing I still have 17. Official link to 17, I would download the installer a few times just in case. LOL
  11. Herdfan2005

    Mr. Cool Mini Split DIY

    Nice! I'm hoping to install this same unit next Spring in my garage.
  12. Herdfan2005

    New clamp rack

    I am definitely going to need something like that soon, nice job
  13. Herdfan2005

    Dewalt Planer - $160 (Banner Elk)

    to far for me or I'd get it and sell my dw734
  14. Herdfan2005

    I'm beginning to wish I had a track saw..

    i just got a set of Powertec rails for a Wen tracksaw, they seem to be very high quality
  15. Herdfan2005

    I'm beginning to wish I had a track saw..

    I had this one, then sold it. it was just OK, a little scary at times. I just bought a Wen TrackSaw and Powertec track set, waiting for Amazon delivery. I am building anew miter saw station and will be using it to break down sheetgoods on the floor.
  16. Herdfan2005

    ShopBot Training Certificate.

    I'd be interested in it if your just trying to not let it go to waste. I just got a desktop CNC and have tons to learn and local to the Raleigh Durham area.
  17. Herdfan2005

    Shop Layout Help

    PM Sent
  18. Herdfan2005

    Shop Layout Help

    Red door is side door into garage from driveway, our main door in and out, garage door is running the 14ft length near the side door. Door into house is top left, in the buffer zone out of play. Both House panel and shop sub panel are next to side entry door, where the upper cabinet is missing...
  19. Herdfan2005

    Shop Layout Help

    Something I did not even consider. A a little close at 97.75 to my shelving on that side
  20. Herdfan2005

    Shop Layout Help

    Thanks, I currently have my table saw set up just as you recommended and the miter station in similar spot as in the layout. I make a lot of miter cuts so I was hoping by having the assemble table right behind me it would be more efficient. The new layout also appears to allow me to have...

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