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  1. Lowlander

    Portamate storage racks $19.98 clearance
  2. Lowlander

    Wanted Cedar Log or beam

    I am looking for a cedar (cypress ok also)log or beam. Dimensions needed are 6-7 feet in length, 10-12 inches in width. If you have something like this or know where I could purchase locally I would like to buy. Any leads will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Chris
  3. Lowlander

    Goodwill Lathe

    I would like to pass the Goodwill lathe to the next person on the list. Please contact me so we can make arrangements for the exchange. Thank you to NCWW for the opportunity for having access to the lathe setup!
  4. Lowlander

    Karate chop!!!

    Not sure if this guy has been posted, looked in the search and could not find anything. I have been thoroughly enjoying his YouTube and blog. Thought I would share
  5. Lowlander

    Table saw fence biesemeyer style (WTB)

    Does any one have or know of someone that has a fence and rail system new or used that they want to unload? My current fence clamping mechanism is awful. I wanted to check here before hitting the web again. I am open to recommendations also. Thank you, Chris
  6. Lowlander

    Another bookcase, sorry about the paint...

    So, I just finished up this bookcase after the oak one. I have about 16 hours in this and probably did not take the time getting a flawless finish. But it is a distressed country feel bookcase. Its was made using oak ply, poplar, ash, and cypress. I made the top from 1 inch thick poplar. The...
  7. Lowlander

    A simple bookcase

    I finished this bookcase at the beginning of last week. It is the second piece of furniture I built. Made of red oak and RO ply for the case. I finished it with danish oil and some wax. This was put in the kids playroom for some much needed organization.
  8. Lowlander

    Irwin quick grip 6inch clamps $5 at ace

    Irwin pistol grip 6 inch clamps at ace hardware for $5. Sale ends 9/2
  9. Lowlander

    Kreg precision bench router table clearance

    Clearance to $91.60 from $229. @ Lowes hardware stores.
  10. Lowlander

    Hello everyone

    My name is Chris and I am wading into woodworking slowly. I am looking forward to learning and building upon my skills as a woodworker. I have been trying to carve out a space in the garage to work and start a bigger project such as a bookcase. I hope to be involved and meet some fellow people...

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