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  1. tdukes


    Biggest issue you're going to face is moisture. It doesn't mix well with solvent based finishes. Water borne finishes will not be an issue.
  2. tdukes

    LED worklight $20 at Lowes

    LOL!! I have some bats living in my eave vents. Unless they can chaw thru hardware cloth, they can't get in my attic. I see them flying around on my security cameras. I think infrared LEDs attract bugs and of course bats. I may post a video in the morning. Bats are good to have around.
  3. tdukes

    Dying Wood

    Going to send you a PM with a link of what I trying to do. This person is selling these so I don't want infringe on his idea. I made three today and they are really clever.
  4. tdukes

    Dying Wood

    It's not so much the budget as it is buying more than necessary. Maybe cheaper to buy 2 kits, one for primary colors and a second of secondary colors. I don't need much. Think I'll buy one and see how it works out. When they talk grams, I have no clue what that equates to.
  5. tdukes

    Dying Wood

    Thanks! I saw those also. I went to their website and saw where its only 5 grams of each color. Doesn't seem like much. Maybe it doesn't take much but when you start blending primary colors to make secondary colors, would it be enough?
  6. tdukes

    Miter bar material?

    I made a couple jigs with UHMW runners from cutting boards. Like using hardwood, need to make sure you over drill and counter sink the holes for the screws as it has a tendency to 'swell' where the screws are placed.
  7. tdukes


    I think its something like this: Love to have one but $$$$!!
  8. tdukes

    Dying Wood

    I saw a neat little smart device holder on the interweb. They appeared to be white oak dyed green, red, blue, yellow, etc. Thought it would be some good Christmas gifts. Didin't want to spend a fortune for a mass quantity of different colored dyes.
  9. tdukes

    LED worklight $20 at Lowes

    Mounted two of those 4 foot ones from HD under the over hang of my roof on my deck. Its like daylight at night.
  10. tdukes

    Dying Wood

    Was wondering how fabric dye ofr food coloring would work for dying wood? Anyone ever tried? TIA
  11. tdukes

    Miter bar material?

    I have used aluminum bar on several jigs. I bought from online metals dot com. Learned real quick, its best to make a shallow dado to install the bar. It might look straight, but don't bank on it. Also, use cutting oil to thread the screws. Not sure what's in cutting oil but broke several taps...
  12. tdukes

    Florip Toolworks Dovetail Saw

    16ppi. These aren't mass produced. Its a one man operation and a USMC Vet
  13. tdukes

    Florip Toolworks Dovetail Saw

    WOW!! Just got my dovetail saw from Forip Toolworks!! Have to say this is a piece of art. Not sure I want to use it or hang it on the wall!!
  14. tdukes

    Yes, But Is It Fine Woodworking?"

    Yesserie! Dang fine!!
  15. tdukes

    Saw Table Discoloration

    I think glue is worse than sweat. You can wipe off both as they happen but I think glue must be more corrosive.
  16. tdukes

    Thin Rip Table Saw Jig

    I have the same jig from Rockler. Have used it numerous times. Well worth the $$
  17. tdukes

    Nursery Dresser Build **Completed**

    Re: Nursery Dresser Build Great job to you and the wife!!
  18. tdukes

    Can this be Walnut?

    If its free, grab it!!
  19. tdukes

    Leather Strop - Game Changer

    Yes, with the WorkSharp and a sharpening jig like Veritas or a generic, the stropping wheel and the green clay bar will put a mirror finish on the cutting edge. Guess you could do it by hand but the WorkSharp and sharpening jig makes it really easy I have several DMT diamond plates and Norton...
  20. tdukes

    Leather Strop - Game Changer

    I bought a leather stropping disc for my WorkSharp 3000. Backing up a bit, I was squaring the corners on some stopped dados on the bathroom wall cabinet I built a couple months back. The cheapo Irwin-Marples chisels I used were sharpened/flatened to 800 grit. Had to use a mallet make the cuts...

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