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  1. smallboat

    Back burner project

    A while back I was gifted a chunk of Cherry burl that was the definition of gnarly. It was too big for my lathe so I shaved about 1" all around and set it up on a face plate. As I cleaned it up it looked pretty interesting but I discovered that by mounting it by the most solid portion I created...
  2. smallboat

    CA shelf life

    Does CA go bad? I have a bottle of low viscosity CA from Klingspor that appears to be good. It's a couple of years old. I've tried it recently for some simple things and had mixed results. Could be the glue, could be the materials I was trying to bond. (don't recollect what they were just...
  3. smallboat

    raffle tickets

    Just tried to purchase my raffle tickets. Went through the process and a "failure" notice in red popped up. didn't indicate what the nature of the failure was. Tried again and same thing. Either I have twice as many tickets or none at all. Can someone let me know which?
  4. smallboat

    Blue tooth and NCWW?

    I've noticed that when I'm streaming audio through my computer and move to the NCWW site the audio stop. No other site seems to do this. Weather, News etc no problem. As soon as I click off of NCWW sound sis back. Is there a preference or adjustment I can make so I can enjoy music and NCWW at...
  5. smallboat

    guest access?

    I forwarded a link to a thread that I thought would interest a non-member friend. He says he can't view it without logging in. Is there something I'm missing? Is there a better way to get it to him? Thanks
  6. smallboat

    Speaking of the mother of invention

    I spent some time over the spring renovating a 16' rowing boat. It was the first boat I ever built, over 35 yrs ago, and needed a new bottom. Boat is better than new and if the first bottom lasted this long the new one will outlast me. So why are we in the 3D/CAM/CNC/Laser forum? Buttons...
  7. smallboat

    Tree removal Clemmons nc

    Can anyone here give a recommendation for a tree removal service to work in Clemmons? I had lightening strike a poplar tree during yesterday's storm. It's still standing but I need to get it gone. There are a couple other's I'd like removed while they're here. Fortunately no other damage...
  8. smallboat

    weird rust question.

    Most of my shop time lately has been focussed on getting a boat ready for the water and I'm only a little behind, so not much in the wood working department lately. So I was much surprised today to see my bandsaw table covered in rust. None of the other tools or machines in the same space...
  9. smallboat

    a word of wisdom from our safety sponsors

    Lay a scraper plane on its side before loosening the retaining screw. If you are holding it upright (or even angled) the blade will drop out and bite you. Got a nice nick just above my ankle bone to remind me.
  10. smallboat

    Bandsaw Repair parts?

    I seem to recall a resource being mentioned here off and on over the years. My rudimentary search skills aren't turning anything up so I'm hoping someone will chime in with the info. All I recall is there's a gentleman in Florida who is everything bandsaw related. Manuals, parts, knowledge-...
  11. smallboat

    Water heater tanked

    Pun intended. Its the original from 1987 and didn't flood my basement/ shop/ garage- can't complain. I've done some cursory research but can't really come up with anything I want to base a decision on. Pretty well decided on sticking with an electric tank version. Don't expect I'll be here...
  12. smallboat

    accordian fold work stand?

    A while back someone posted here about a folding work stand intended for use with track saws. The thing folded like an umbrella or pop up tent and supported a slab of foam at working height. I can't find the original post but I'm interested in getting up off the floor when using the track saw...
  13. smallboat

    porch ceiling

    I'm getting ready to do a project that's been back burner for a while now and I have several questions for the group. First the setting- the existing porch ceiling was done in drywall with a textured paint finish. No priming was done which is evident as when the textured paint comes down in...
  14. smallboat

    Bosch 1250 DA sander ?

    After seeing good comments here on this sander I got one as a Christmas gift for myself. When it arrived today I was surprised at how loud it is. Is this typical? I don't have any similar tools to compare it with, just a Makita palm sander. Hard to describe sound levels but its by far the...
  15. smallboat

    fixing loose brick

    At the bottom of my front steps there is a loose brick I need to fix. To make matters worse it is the one supporting the post at the end of the hand rail. Two questions- What's the best material to use to fix it back in place? Is there a way to do this without disassembling the railing to...
  16. smallboat

    A vote for hearing protection

    I'll let you guess which current thread inspired this. recently I found myself in a conversation with a audiologist who works with the VA. She was saying that most of us associate hearing loss with loud sounds- gunshots, explosions etc. What we don't pay attention to is low level repeated...
  17. smallboat

    Muni lathe advice?

    We are using two mini lathes at the school where I teach. One is a Jet one is a Harbor Freight. They seem close to identical and both share one "feature" I find to be a problem. The combination of banjo and tool rest ends up too high to use a bowl gouge. There are some work arounds but they come...
  18. smallboat

    extrerior finish on metal

    Not sure if this belongs in finishing or "off topic" I have a student who is building a sculpture welded out of repurposed metal parts. Some of the parts are raw some have a finish from their previous life. I'm trying to determine what finish we can apply that will preserve it from the elements...
  19. smallboat

    Grizzly Track Saw parts question

    We purchased the Grizzly track saw for use at school. Generally pleased with the saw but need to replace the adhesive strip that mounts under the track and seals to the blade. I'm not sure what this strip is called but it serves to indicate the exact cut line when you are lining up the track. A...
  20. smallboat

    Workbench- is this a bad idea?

    I've been working with a plywood truss top bench and thinking about alternatives. Looked at the Paul Sellers approach and the Naked Woodworker and the Newfangled workbench. All have certain features that appeal to me. Ill probably design something that draws on all, plus things I've seen here...

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