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  1. Larry Rose

    C. J.s Chest

    I just finished this chest for my grand daughter C. J. It's walnut finished with blo , shellac, and wax. The medallion is satinwood and walnut. The bottom of the inside is cedar. BTW the cedar is from a tree that I cut down and had sawed up in 1979. I used most of the wood to build C.J.s mother...
  2. Larry Rose


    I bought this thing several years ago and it bit the dust over the week end. In don't know what its called and cant find anything else that looks like it . It was hooked to my table saw and a dust collector. Any body know where to get something like it? Its obviously craftsman, but google...
  3. Larry Rose

    Mahogany Dressing Table

    It seems that lately all I've done is small stuff (boxes etc) and repair work nothing worth looking at.I finally started this table before Christmas and just finished it. Its for the annual school fund raising auction. Its mahogany with zebra wood banding, holly stringing, an attempt at...
  4. Larry Rose

    Compass Rose Cherry Table

    I saw the how to make this inlay in FWW and decided to do a small cherry table with the inlay in it. The inlay is holly and wenge. the finish is blo and poly
  5. Larry Rose

    Slant top desk

    After a long time out of the shop and then only doing some small stuff I got started on this walnut slant top desk back in the fall and just now finished it. The finish is BLO, shellac and wax. it will go to the local schools fund raising auction. It is from a drawing by the New Yankee Workshop
  6. Larry Rose

    Back in the shop

    After a spring and summer of not being able to do any work and a busy early fall, I finally got back to it last week. I got started on a walnut slant top desk from New Yankee Workshop. It feels good to see saw dust again. Pictures later.
  7. Larry Rose

    Reclaimed Pine Table

    A friend asked if I would rebuild an old work table that had been made with wood from a house that was 200 yrs old. When he brought to the shop I started laughing. This thing wasn't even good for firewood. It looked like some kid had been given a hammer, a bucket of nails and some scrap pine and...
  8. Larry Rose

    Cellerette #2

    I needed a new piece for the upcoming local school fund raising auction and I couldn't think of anything new that I wanted to build. Since time was running short, I decided to build another Cellerette. On this one I added 4 inches to the higth and added the pull out tray. It's walnut with maple...
  9. Larry Rose


    After two or three months of fits and starts I finally finished this piece. It's a Cellerette from PWW a few issues ago. I wanted to build it because the original is in Hope an old plantation house 15 miles or so from here and I've seen it several times. It's walnut with maple inlay and beading...
  10. Larry Rose

    Oak Cabinet

    SWMBO requested a cabinet for some of her pottery. The other pieces of furniture in the room are oak and sort of craftsman style. This is what I came up with since it had to go into a corner. It's sides are white oak plywood with solid oak facings and trim. The finish is Minwax Golden Oak stain...
  11. Larry Rose

    Pembroke Table

    I Just finished this walnut table for the local schools annual fund raising auction. It's walnut with satin wood veneer and holly stringing. It's finished with BLO and several coats of shellac and wax. As always, please excuse the mess..........
  12. Larry Rose

    Small Mahogany Chest

    I finally got back in the shop and built this chest. It's from the June issue of PWW. I changed the design of the stringing on the drawers and left off the stringing above the drawers. I thought it looked a little busy. The finish is amber shellac with a toner coat of walnut gel stain and a top...
  13. Larry Rose

    Aging Brass

    Does anyone know how to "age/antique" brass? I've got some hinges that are a little too bright for my taste.
  14. Larry Rose

    Red Grandis

    I just received a bundle of red grandis from Steve Wall Lumber. Its very good looking wood in the rough like a cross between cherry and mahogany. Has any one used it?
  15. Larry Rose

    Quickie Table

    SWMBO wanted a narrow table to go in our bath room. She wanted it to match the wall paper and the painting on the wall. This is what I came up with. It's poplar with a red milk paint under coat and View image in gallery black milk paint that I sanded thru to let some red and bare wood show...
  16. Larry Rose

    Box and Boards

    These are some small projects I've done so far this winter. They let me use up some off cuts and short pieces that I refuse to throw away. The box is some kind of rosewood with ebony inlays and splines. The two serving/cutting boards are walnut, pauduk and white oak. The larger one is end grain...
  17. Larry Rose


    This walnut with satinwood and ebony sideboard has been my latest project worth showing. All my other work lately has been HONEY DO projects :swoon: View image in gallery . The sideboard is for our local schools annual fund raising auction. Sorry about the mess my maid has been on vacation.
  18. Larry Rose

    cann't find the button

    I've been trying to upload some pics butI cann't find the "select files for upload button". What's wrong?
  19. Larry Rose

    no inspiration

    I've had a few days off and wanted to do a little wwing but I just can't get in the mood for anything. I finally resorted to refinishing my bench top Sat. and Sun. and today I started cleaning and tuning up my hand planes. There's a few more to do tomorrow then I'll start on chisels and spoke...
  20. Larry Rose

    Nesting Tables

    Some time ago on another WW forum there was a lively discussion as to whether or not pocket hole screw system is "real" wood working. I happen to think it is and if the likes of the Shakers, Duncan Phyfe and all the rest had access to it, they would have used them. I had been wanting to build a...

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