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  1. minnehahas

    ClearVue Dust Components - Free

    5 Blast Gates and 3 6" to double 4" transitions. These are specifically size for sewer/water 6" pvc pipe you can get from irrigation company
  2. minnehahas

    Festool 3000MM 118 Track $225

    I have a Festool 3000MM 118" track for sale. Great condition, used very minimally for hobby purposes. Gary 336-970-3190
  3. minnehahas

    Looking for Company who can CNC me a Multi Function Slab?

    Just checking if anyone knows of a company that has a CNC-Machine that I can pay to make me a multi-function-slab?
  4. minnehahas

    Nicholson Bench

    Finally finished ( well almost ) a Nicholson Bench. This is my first real bench. Learned quite a bit about hand tools. Flattening the top taught me to let the hand plane do the work you just need to move it in the right direction. Its interesting moving more towards hand tools. At first I...
  5. minnehahas

    Been on Forum for about a year but never introduced myself. Guess I missed the memo…..

    Hi, My name is Gary and I live in Winston Salem near Calvary Baptist Church ( a landmark in town ). Been woodworking for a couple of years so still very naive and unskilled but making progress. Real job is owning two Automotive Centers in town and looking to build our third. Started in...

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