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  1. shanghaipete

    Looking for older motor starter

    I'm in the middle of two machine restorations and looking for older (rusty is fine just needs to be functional) motor starters/switches. Single phase able to support at least 1 1/2 HP. Something like an old Allen Bradley (A-B) 609 or older cutler and hammer (see attached examples). I'm...
  2. shanghaipete

    Wanted: Older 1hp to 2hp single phase motor - FOUND

    I just picked up an early 1900s bandsaw and am looking for a vintage motor to add to the restoration. Old, rusted and in need of work is ok as long as it doesn't need to be rewound. My ultimate would be a big heavy 2hp century. I am open to 3 phase if the price is right, but prefer single...
  3. shanghaipete

    Re-purpose Dust Collector

    I am always one to try and re-use and re-purpose where possible before I scrap something. In a recent auction I obtained the filter portion of a large industrial dust collector. There is a an angled portion connected by a few bolts to a square portion with 4 large holes where the filter bags...
  4. shanghaipete

    Looking for a small electric motor repair shop near Raleigh

    I have an older single phase AC motor that is having issues. I've just about exhausted everything I can think of (capacitor, centrifugal switch cleaning, bearings, etc) and would like to have a professional take a look. It's older and nothing special so I don't want to dump a lot of money into...

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