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    Hickory and Pecan Lumber for sale

    I have several hundred board feet of Pecan and Hickory lumber. The majority of the Hickory is 6/4 quartersawn though I do have come 3"squares. I have a couple of Pecan slabs roughly 30" wide and 8' long. Also have a couple of 6x6 white oak posts.
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    New leader, burial project

    So should these be built out of a single species?
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    Online Store for NCWW?

    WRT Amazon Handmade you are correct. The product must be handmade and thier is an application. The advantage is that Amazon is fantastic as a virtual marketplace with a huge consumer base. The application process was relatively simple focusing on the products you intend to sell and examples...
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    Progress report on burial urn project, January 2016

    I just saw this. I live about and hour and a half from Greenville and have no issues delivering it and would be able to arrange to do so with one or two retired Navy Chiefs as well. If there is still funding needed PM me and I'll cover it. If there are future requests for former Sailors which...
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    A bit of Sad news

    A very good friend of mine was assigned to the wounded warrior barracks at Camp Lejeune after injury in Iraq. If there is interest I can try to coordinate directly with the unit. If it's in direct support of veterans and no profits will be generated by our members I will do anything I can to help.
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    New leader, burial project

    I'm an 8 year veteran of the Marine Crops and work on Camp Lejeune on a regular basis so when the time comes to getting the word out let me know and I'll go to Mortuary Affairs and spread the word. I also have contacts at several of the senior commands, work with 3 retired Navy Chiefs and have...
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    A call for volunteers !!!!!

    I'm willing to cut/stabilize some pen blanks for the Girl Scouts if it would be of value to the event. l have some Walnut, curly maple and tons of Pecan I'd be willing to donate. If it would be of value let me know what sizes and quantities would be needed. I had originally seen the event...
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    Online Store for NCWW?

    Has anyone considered using Amazon handmade? I have an account, though I haven't set it up yet, but I know inventory stocking, packing and shipping can be done through Amazon's warehousing/distribution system.
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    A call for volunteers !!!!!

    Any idea what we'lo be working on? Are these any material needs for the event?
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    Krenov Style Wooden Hand Planes - Anybody ever used them? If so, how do they perform?

    Rick, i wasn't refering to transitional iron/wood planes, I was referring to solid wood planes made in the 1800s by companies like Sandusky. These were all wood, typically Beech, with Cast Steel Blades. The designs were typically modeled after the English Planes of the day. You'll find that...
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    Krenov Style Wooden Hand Planes - Anybody ever used them? If so, how do they perform?

    Like most tools thier performance is based on how well they are made and what components you out in them. I can tell you that keeping a wooden hand plane tuned up incredibly easy and they perform at least as well, in my opinion better, than thier cast iron counterparts (specifically antique...
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    Tree Lean versus Reaction Wood

    Scott, Only if you twist my arm, #### the bad luck!!
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    Wide Planer, Belt Sander or Drum Sander

    I have several rough cut slabs that are 24"-30" wide. Does anyone east of the Raleigh area have, or know who has, a planer, widebelt sander or drum sander that could accommodate pieces this size?
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    Tree Lean versus Reaction Wood

    Scott, That's totally new info for me, learn something new everyday. I've milled a bunch of larger branches (10"-18") before but always ended up using the lumber to make turning blanks because the train patterns and color variety were outstanding. Endless If you do cut down and quartersaw...
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    Pecan Lumber

    I hadn't really set a price on it yet but I'm thinking around $3.50/BF but am willing to take offers especially if you were looking to buy a larger amount.
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    Tree Lean versus Reaction Wood

    I had a walnut tree that was leaning at least 25-30 degrees off vertical. I milled the boards and had absolutely no problems with stability. If you're that worried about it mill it thicker than you need so you can flatten any twists or bends after it dries. If I were you I'd quartersaw the Beech
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    Pecan Lumber

    If anyone is interested I've been milling some 6 and 8/4 Pecan slabs between 12" and 30" wide. Also have a bunch of 12/4 Quartersawn from 5"-10" wide and by the end of the weekend should have a dozen or so 13" wide 4/4 Quartersawn boards.
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    Why does 8/4 cost more than 4/4?

    As always a wealth of information. I've learned the hard way how much slower thick cuts are compared to thinner. Lover the past month I've sawn a few hundred board feet (It's taking me forever but as you know chainsaw milling isn't fast) of 12/4 Quartersawn Pecan. So far it's dropped maybe 1-2%...
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    Red Cedar and Pecan Hickory

    If anyone is interested I'm in the process of milling some red cedar that has gorgeous color and grain. Also milling up a bunch of Pecan Hickory, yesterday I was cut 12/4 quartersawn boards and last week I cut several full width 8/4 slabs. Also so have about a cord worth of the Pecan split as...
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    Cypress for exterior house trim?

    I happen to have a very large (36" diameter at the 30' mark) down on my property. My plan is to pull it out of the woods in 14'-16' lengths and mill it.

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