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    Bored 7 Year Old

    Any ideas on small projects for a bored 7 year old. This stay at home is killing him not being able to play with school friends. We have built bird houses, I built him a small tool tote for christmas. We have build most of the little building kits from lowes. I think he is too young or I...
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    Spatula handle7

    In the month of December we normally cook around 400 Boston butts at different times using standard Pig cookers. So to to help get them off the grill and into a transporting tray. I made a heavy-duty spatula. And it works well except for the handle grip. With hands being greasy from the Boston...
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    In 7 days

    I get to bring my planer home! Chris
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    Dust Collection

    Does anyone have any experience with the wen dust collector? I see simliar ones by grizzly, rockler, etc. They all seem to have the same HP and CFM. I am thinking of hooking...
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    Toys for God's Kids

    Is anyone here part of this group? Could you PM if you are? Thanks Chris
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    Dovetail workshop

    Any plans for an upcoming dovetail workshop ? Chris
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    40w ebay laser

    Does anyone in the Raleigh area have one of these lasers? I was looking at them and would like to see what they can do first hand. And also how hard they are to operate. I was over to Gatlinburg this past weekend and noticed a lot of stuff being done with lasers/engraver. I am curious if...
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    Raffle prizes

    I wanted to see if anyone from around Raleigh was headed to Jeremy's to pick up prizes and would mind picking up items. I can pick up items and bring further east to Benson/Dunn area if others are needing items moved eastward. Chris
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    Dust Deputy Hose

    Is there a particular hose that works well with a dust deputy. I am wanting to use it primarily for a ros, I have a bosch and Milwaukee both 5". I may also use for bandsaw. I was looking at the 5m bosch hose. It appears to be stronger than normal vacuum hoses. Does anyone have a...
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    California Air Tools

    I noticed online that Home Depot has a few styles of CAT air compressors 20% off. I remember a few months ago a few threads about these air compressors and thought I would share. Chris
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    VBS Crosses

    Our Church went to KY to do a mission trip. While there they were teaching a VBS program. From last year we knew the church there liked to do a "wood" craft. So I was scouring the internet and someone came up with the idea of Stacked crosses. (Last year we did the clothespin cross which...
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    Anyone setting up?

    Anyone planning on setting up at Just wondering who all might be there. I am not going to be setting up but may go check it out. Chris
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    new toys

    Mailman dropped these off today Now if i only knew what i was doing. Thinking about a moxon vise might come in handy. I bought them after seeing williamf post. Chris
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    Dust collection

    I have a small shop/shed. 12x16. It is not heated or air conditioned at this time. I have a small jet 650 dust collector that I use, but was thinking about adding a new filtration system like the jet or rikon. Then I remembered when visiting Charlie 's shop how he had his dust blown out the...
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    knot in cutting board

    Should I worry about this knot in the cutting board? Should I try to fill it or leave it? It is about 1/16 - 1/8 deep. If filling it what should I use? Boards is already oiled with mineral oil. Thanks Chris
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    1st end grain cutting board.

    I picked up some of the cherry that was in the classified section of this forum the other week. Made this from some of it. I bought a used dewalr 734 this past Winter off of craigslist. So I can now go from edge grain style cutting boards to end grain. Finished with mineral oil and then...
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    Is this wrong?

    I worked last night on a sweet gum bowl. After applying the sanding sealer and sanding off I noticed these grey marks. Is this something in the sanding sealer that cause this or in the wood itself? Should I resand or leave it be. Is it fungus or bacteria?
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    Stained cutting board

    I have a two cutting boards, end grain walnut maple and cherry. We wife and daughter (who is 5 ) decided to cut strawberries on these boards. Well needless to say they are stained red. I read somewhere to wash with baking soda. So I tried this and it turned the stains dark but they are still...
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    ambrosia and spalted thin stock

    I have tried looking on the web sites for the of the local woodworking stores but I'm trying to find a good place that has a selection of your spalted and ambrosia woods inside like 1/4 and 3/8 of an inch does anyone know a good source for these. Thanks Chris

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