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  1. jonnyfontaine

    13" Jointer

    Hi I have a really old piece of beautiful Honduras mahogany that was acquired in the 80's but it's rough saw and I do t have a Jointer wide enough to clean up on face I can plane and do the rest I just need to clean the one face, if anyone can help it would be much appreciated... thank you so much
  2. jonnyfontaine

    Building a small spray booth

    Im building a small booth maybe enough for 3 guitars I looked at premade ones but the prices are unreal have any of you guys built you're own spray booths? If so what fan, material, lights did you use? Thanks also if you knownanyway getting rid of a small booth let me know
  3. jonnyfontaine

    New tool gloat

    So I finally bought a supermax 19-38 sander and couldn't be happier. It's amazing machine and very easy to set up and with guitar work is invaluable. I can't recommend to drum sander anymore it seems head and shoulders about their competitors and I you can afford and are looking for a drum...
  4. jonnyfontaine

    Have anyone of you made an enclosed spray booth in your wows shop?

    And if so how do you keep the dust out without investing in a reall spray booth I can use all the help I can get thanks so much
  5. jonnyfontaine

    I know this is a crazy question

    But if alway one is considering selling a supermax 19-34 drum sander please contact me I love it's a great to but if anyone is upgaring please let me know. Thank you so much , Jonny
  6. jonnyfontaine

    Thinkness sand some pieces

    Hi guys I need help thinkness sanding a few pieces of wood. Most 1/4" think well maybe .260. Those are roughly 2.5 wide by 19 long and one piece down to 1/8" and that's like 3.75 wide by like 9" long. If anyone can help with this this weekend that would be great, thanks so much
  7. jonnyfontaine

    Losing suction

    I have a 1& 1-2 hp dust collector but I noticed when I connect it to the "baffle" that's supposed to catch the bigger chips I lose a considerable about of suction, I know it worked fine for the previous owner and he marked the in and so I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong. I run a...
  8. jonnyfontaine

    what's the most stable wood you've worked with?

    i'm looking for a medium hard wood, but most importantly it has to be as dimensionally stable as possible, and for this discussion Genuine Mahogany doesn't count. Like on like 8-9 occasions this wood Narra is incredibly stable but everyonce in a while you'll get a board with tension all over it...
  9. jonnyfontaine

    Laguna jointers

    Does anyone here have any opinions/experience with any of the Laguna models of jointers. It seems like every tool they make is the winner of several awards, I love my bandsaw of theirs I own. And I know it's petty but they look killer also, very modern chic haha and we all know that's the real...
  10. jonnyfontaine

    Spray booth for rent ?

    I looking for a better place to spray my finishes. I shoot nitro lacquer and explosion proof fans and lights are quite expensive so I'm looking for something I could rent for like a weekend. I was seeing if any of you know of any businesses that rent spray booth time. Or if anyone know how to...
  11. jonnyfontaine

    Grizzly 8" jointer G0490W

    I recently got a new above mentioned jointed and have been having tons of issues with like everytime I edge joint a board I have to readjust the board. I have plenty of nice straight edges and checked that the tables are coplaner, it's a parallelogram jointer. Has anyone else had any issues/...
  12. jonnyfontaine

    Grizzly spiral cutter versus bryd Shelix cutter

    I own a grizzly 8" jointer and I can't square the edge of a board, I think some of the knives are higher on one side quite a bit. And since the gibs seem welded on I'd rather not go through the nightmare of adjusting the knives. I ordered a bryd Shelix cutter head a while back but they say...
  13. jonnyfontaine

    Bench top material

    Sorry this is kind of a dumb question but what is the better top material for a work bench hard maple or soft maple(seeing as it would be easier to reflatten) and what is a good thinkness like 2 1/4" or 3" or just 2" with a 3" skirt. Anyway thanks so much
  14. jonnyfontaine

    Setting knives on a grizzly

    I got a grizzly jointer and it has straight knives. I ordered a Byrd shelix head but it won't get her for over a week and I was gonna adjust the knives, but the wrench supplied is has an 8mm on it which fits the guns but trying to turn then feels like they are gonna strip them. Does any one have...
  15. jonnyfontaine

    SATAminijet 3000 hvlp

    Does anyone have any experiance with one of these guns and if so, could they recommend a compressor for it. I got the gun at a steal for $150 but the compressor only puts out 13cfm at 90psi and somewhere I read the Satamini jet 3000 needed like 20 cfm at 29psi. Will this gu work with my...
  16. jonnyfontaine

    Grizzly 8" jointer question for owners of G0490W

    Hi ncww, I just got a G0490W grizzly 8" jointer and there are a few missing washers and some mysterious bolts that aren't mentioned in the catalog for assembly. I was wondering if that has happened to anyone else. And if they know where the to hex head bolts go? All the other fasteners are...
  17. jonnyfontaine

    Finger/plane/luthiers, small radius, and flat small planes

    I've become very interested in build a few specialized luthier planes. Most are around 2.5" to 4. Unfortunately most are all brass I've seen a few infill style planes that are most likely one ofs, the metal ones are most mast produced and I've seen quality control all over the map. Blades...
  18. jonnyfontaine

    Best vintage plane irons that'll fit a modern plane

    I know a lot has been written about how so old irons are as good if not better than new and aftermarket planes. There's a plane iron called STS (I think) that tapers to 1/4" thick at the cutter. Does anyone know of that would fit with a modern chip breaker. Or can anyone recommend any other...
  19. jonnyfontaine


    I have a fairly small shop, i'd like to keep as much room available for hopefully soon when i get my supermax drum sander but i haven't been able to find any tool tests on 15" stand alone models. has anyone found a tool test for these. I was thinking the dewalt 735 is like $650 with and in feed...
  20. jonnyfontaine

    New HVLP gun

    Way back in auto body school we had this great SATA gun, oh my god i fell in love with that gun, but that's WAY out of my price range $100-$300. I good friend recommend Warwick, and his opinion carries a lot of weight as winner of best paint in several major car show all over california. I...

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