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  1. FrankK

    Curved moulding by hand

    I've always envisioned that's what a CNC machine does automatically?
  2. FrankK

    Asheville Hardware

    Sunrise Sawmill and Bee Tree Hardwoods are two good places to buy wood.
  3. FrankK

    Asheville Hardware

    Gennett Lumber has relocated to Fletcher and repurposed themselves into a flooring store.
  4. FrankK

    Asheville Hardware

    Last time I was at Gennett's, they complained that Catawba Hardwoods had taken their commercial business away and the small retail customer wasn't worth their while.
  5. FrankK

    Moving Large Logs

    The Wood Mizer site was a great suggestion. There are 8-10 local sawyers to reach out to. I'm not too good of a redneck!
  6. FrankK

    Moving Large Logs

    I'll try that. Thanks for the suggestions!
  7. FrankK

    Moving Large Logs

    I had taken down a rather large White Pine because it was leaning toward some electrical wires. Seems a shame to waste the wood, so I'd like to have it sawn into dimensional lumber for using in a future workshop. There are several sawmills here in Asheville that do custom sawing, but I can't...
  8. FrankK

    Interesting video of making butcher block panels.

    Makes my power tools seem like kid's toys. How'd you like the job of keeping them all running accurately?! Nice film.
  9. FrankK

    Pinch Sticks -- An uncommon but useful tool

    And if the box is not square according to your sticks during glue up, what do you do?
  10. FrankK

    Jewelry Cabinet

    It's not the cost of materials or time to make a large jewelry box. It's the cost of the jewelry the wife will spend to fill it!
  11. FrankK

    I'm beginning to wish I had a track saw..

    I bought a TrueTrac saw system at a trade show and have used it often. Less expensive than Festool and just as versatile. They have a special table you can make that gets the clamps off the workbench. I have an 8 foot track and a 4 foot. I also have a router bottom that fits the track that cuts...
  12. FrankK


    Bruce, this forum will be a lessor place without your interesting and informative comments. I hope you will continue to enliven the conversation!
  13. FrankK

    Master carpenter

  14. FrankK

    Chinese furniture inlay work

    WAY too many people in China with WAY too much time on their hands! They produce incredibly detailed art and craftsmanship.
  15. FrankK

    SawStop Questions

    I have the 3HP SawStop with the cast iron table extensions, along with the cast iron router attachment. Very solid feel and I love it. It is a big improvement over the old Bench Dog router table I used for many years. If you need the full width of the saw, it takes only seconds to remove the...
  16. FrankK

    Ridgid warrantee made useless

    Had a similar situation with a roller stand I bought at Lowe's. The tightening screw stripped out after about 6 months of use. Stated a year warranty on paperwork. Tried to take it back, but was told the warranty was with the company, not Lowe's. Tried to contact company. No contact info on...
  17. FrankK

    What happens when we are gone?

    My 21 year old son, who is in the Coast Guard, and lives in an cheap apartment with Goodwill furniture, has already asked if I would will him our exquisite set of European hand carved, turn of the century matching furniture consisting of a large table and chairs, credenza, china cabinet, etc...
  18. FrankK

    Puzzle cabinet finally completed

    How in the world did you figure all that out just by seeing a box in a display case in a museum?! Very impressive!
  19. FrankK

    The job I did not want but ...

    Your wife is looking down and smiling from Heaven on her beautiful work of art! Very touching.
  20. FrankK

    Garage heater

    I also have one of the larger 240 heaters from Northern in my 2 car garage workshop. Even though it is insulated with 6" of foam insulation, rarely will it raise the temperature above 55 degrees. When I have the aerial Jet air filter on, it circulates the air nicely though. Not toasty, but...

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