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  1. Lowlander

    Raffle Prize Pony Express - Oak Ridge to Raleigh/Clayton area

    I would also be interested in the pony express from Oak Ridge to Raleigh. Small item.
  2. Lowlander

    FREE 20# Propane Cylinders

    Bruce ,if you still have them. I could use them . I can pick them up today.
  3. Lowlander

    Walnut Slab

    Nice Find!
  4. Lowlander

    First piece complete

    Yes, I had turned it from a blank of ash I had sitting around . Followed by slight distress, walnut/mahogany stain, burned in the oval, and made the Barb wire from aluminum and leather for the barbs. It was made a couple days after the promo stills of Negan came out for the show. Your bat is...
  5. Lowlander

    First piece complete

    You said tv show, and the bat looked like a Lucille. I made this one about two years ago.
  6. Lowlander

    First piece complete

    Are you making Lucille?
  7. Lowlander

    General question regarding Craig's List etiquette

    Where else does everyone post? Besides here ? I have found sites like OfferUp where people offer garage sale type offers, not worth the effort.
  8. Lowlander

    General question regarding Craig's List etiquette

    Or at least a space in public... During business hours or at a fire/police station.
  9. Lowlander

    What was your FIRST WW'ing project?

    The first two things I made were in WW class, which I took Freshman through Junior year, in HS. The first was a three tier book case with a glass top. The second was a bandsaw box. Wait , does a wooden spear count for fishing? Then I was like 9-10 yrs of age
  10. Lowlander

    Correctly installing drive belts and tensioning them

    Awesome, congratulations. I have found manuals on this site.
  11. Lowlander

    Water in compressed air Yes, I believe it does conduct heat better than the black pipe. Looks better in my opinion too. Bottom of page should tell you what pipe to use.
  12. Lowlander

    Edge plywood or not?

    Maybe some iron on edge banding for a clean look
  13. Lowlander

    Water in compressed air

    That's also an excellent idea. If I used a blast cabinet or sprayed all the time I would definitely install a moisture manifold
  14. Lowlander

    Water in compressed air

    I run a 80 gallon 15 cfm compressor and use a setup like this,7428.html?b=d*8092.
  15. Lowlander

    Any interest in free (used) deck boards, hand rails, balusters, etc.

    Yes ,I could use it all. Great timing as my deck needs new everything. Pretty much the same dimensions.
  16. Lowlander

    Any interest in free (used) deck boards, hand rails, balusters, etc.

    I would be Paul and it would be much appreciated!!! Just give me a time.
  17. Lowlander

    California ? ? ?

    I looked at where they are. Fortunately I missed them every time I had driven in.
  18. Lowlander

    California ? ? ?

    Inspection stations???? I have driven over the California border numerous times and have never stopped at a inspection station. Except from Mexican/US Cali.
  19. Lowlander

    Portamate storage racks $19.98 clearance

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