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  1. RandyJ

    DIY countertop

    Beautiful wood, Phil. Please do keep us posted.
  2. RandyJ

    Bondo or Famowood?

    I used Bondo a few times but didn't master it. Seemed too difficult to work with, especially shaping/sanding. I discovered Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty and never looked back. Available lots of places, even Ace hardware. Easy to apply and easy to shape and sand. YMMV
  3. RandyJ


    Happy belated birthday Cathy!!!!
  4. RandyJ

    Happy Birthday ScottM

    Happy belated birthday Scott. Hope your day was a great one.
  5. RandyJ

    New Shop - Build Pictures

    I agree with @Mike K. I went with a 200 amp box and separate meter and was thankful later.
  6. RandyJ

    Happy birthday Pop Golden

    Happy Birthday Pop! Wishing you many, many more.
  7. RandyJ

    The death of my first friend, my dad

    Sorry to hear of the passing of your father and best friend.
  8. RandyJ

    Happy birthday FredP

    Happy Birthday, Fred. I hope your birthday is special and you get to spend it doing what you like to do, with the people you love.
  9. RandyJ

    Shop Apron

    Late to the party but I'll play anyway. I have a denim apron (Sears) with an upper "pencil" pocket and two lower patch pockets. I got this apron 53 years ago, while working at the Sears distribution warehouse in Greensboro! It still has my original name tag pinned to it. I still use it today...
  10. RandyJ

    Bathroom remodel

    Now that she's done, can you send your wife down here. We need ours redone! Great job by both of you.
  11. RandyJ

    The job I did not want but ...

    Excellent work, Phil. We wouldn't expect any less from you. My thoughts are still with you and yours.
  12. RandyJ

    Help Needed

    So sorry to hear about Theresa's diagnosis. Asking for divine guidance for a successful treatment and complete cure of this terrible disease.
  13. RandyJ

    Lovingly Remembered

    Sorry to hear of the passing of your beloved Joan. Prayers sent for you and your family to bear the grief and move forward as she would want you to.
  14. RandyJ

    If you just gave up?

    Not sure what "events" are sneaking up on you, Mike. I too would adopt a wait and see attitude until absolutely sure I was "done".
  15. RandyJ


    Best wishes and Godspeed, Mike. We are tougher than we think. Keep pushing.
  16. RandyJ

    Fair winds and following seas

    Enjoy your retirement, Dan. Best wishes for a safe move and successful shop build!
  17. RandyJ

    New Member from Fuquay-Varina

    Welcome, Ted. This is a great group always willing to help/share. I lived in the now big Fuquay Varina when it was still relatively small. It has grown quite a bit but is probably still a very nice place to live.
  18. RandyJ


    Prayers up for Earl. Anyone have any news?
  19. RandyJ

    Hey, it's DaveO...again

    Good to hear from you Dave. Please keep us posted on your travels. Be safe and enjoy your new life.
  20. RandyJ


    I got the email also. Good to know not ALL of my money is being wasted!

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