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    Home door fix?

    My older home has had some foundation settling over time. Several doors in my house now swing and rest either open or closed, but won’t stay in place partially open. Does that make sense? Is there some kind of fix to stop the movement? I’d like to position a door partially open and not have...
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    Dovetail saw recommendations

    I recently got into a pretty good selection of pine and spruce softwood and have decided this would be perfect for (finally) learning to make hand cut dovetails. So I’m ready to purchase a dovetail saw and would love some advice. Should I just order the $80 Veritas saw or maybe the Florip for...
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    Jet Bandsaw- need new tires

    I just recently blew out a tire on my old blue Jet 14” Bandsaw (model JBS-14OS) and have some questions. Do the tires need to be specific for this model? I know I have to buy a pair, should I replace both? Any suggestions as to what to get or what to avoid? I’d appreciate any advice thanks...
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    Router bit for flattening slabs?

    I’m getting ready to build a router sled to flatten slabs and other boards, I don't have a jointer big enough. The selection of router bits for this is overwhelming. I’ve found multiple sizes and types, with pricing ranging from around $15 up to several hundred dollars. Does anyone have some...
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    My taper jig

    Just a couple quick pics. Another thread got me thinking, I tried that hinged version of a taper jig and frankly it scared me to use it. This was pretty simple to put together and has served me for years, no issues. --Claus
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    But I don't need any new chisels...

    Picking up some groceries at Aldi's and saw the chisels on sale. But I don't need any new chisels... but they're only 6.99 and won't be here long. But I don't need any new chisels... but hey, they're only 6.99. Ok so I bought a set. But I don't need any new chisels... --Claus
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    Latest projects

    Remember the thread a while back about projects to get introduced to woodworking ? I always thought that a shaker end table was the textbook starter project. So here's a couple of mine, actually the second and third ones I've made. No, you don't want to see the first one. One is obviously...
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    Suggestions? Table saw fence upgrade

    I have a standard craftsman contractor style table saw that generally meets most of my needs. The biggest shortcoming is the fence and I'd like to upgrade to something better than the stock version. Has anyone had experiences with an upgrade like this? I don't want to spend so much that I'd be...
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    Flush Trim Router Bit question

    I've recently gotten a new router and I'm starting to collect some bits. In particular, I'm looking for a flush trim bit and have a few questions. There seem to be several variations and size combinations, how do you match the size for a particular use? I'm looking for one with the bearing on...
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    Tapering Jig

    I'm looking at and they have a short cover video on a simple tapering jig. But I don't understand the purpose of the rail and bracket to clamp it to the fence. (Sorry, you'll have to watch at least the first minute of the video to see what I mean). Am I missing...

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