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    Ray Iles English Mortise Chisels 1/2” and 3/16”

    $100 for 1/2” and $60 for 3/16” Thanks, Bryan
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    Early 1900s vanity/dresser refinish

    Thought some might enjoy this... This was my great grandparents, I am guessing from the early was auctioned off many, many years ago after they passed, but the buyer never came to pick it up. So, it spent many years in the barn, before my brother took it, and put a nice thick coat...
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    Juniper for boats

    Hello, Is anyone aware of a good source of juniper lumber, to be used for boat building? Preferably in NC or close enough to drive. Thanks in advance. Bryan
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    New to the forum. I am a NC native, although I have lived in AK, OK, and NM. I am a bit of a collector of hand tools and enjoy 18th and 19th century style wood working and building techniques. I am also a lover of wooden boats. Bryan

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