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    ALL CLAIMED: 5/8" PREFINISHED Baltic Birch Plywood (4x8)

    I'm available Thursday to pick mine up, just need the where and when. I'd like to be at Larrys when you get there to help unload.
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    Case construction before pocket holes... what were the options?

    I've always used dado construction for cabinets. I'm not crazy about pocket screws either. Lots and lots of videos on YouTube on how to make them with either the table saw or router. A dado blade set and table saw is definitely the quickest way if you're doing a lot of them.
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    Nancy Hiller cancer fund

    I came here to post this, you beat me to it. An inspiring cabinet maker who needs help.
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    ALL CLAIMED: 5/8" PREFINISHED Baltic Birch Plywood (4x8)

    If there is any left, I'm interested also. At least 2 sheets, 5 if available. I'm in NW Greensboro too and could meet at Larry's. I have a truck to haul mine.
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    Handsaw restoration

    Great job! Really nice looking saw.
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    First Attempt at Maloof Style Rocking Chair

    amazing work, it's beautiful!
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    Arm-r-Seal hardening in the can

    Thanks for the great tips. I don't have any inert gases laying around, so I think I'll try some of the other tips and order the Bloxygen.
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    Arm-r-Seal hardening in the can

    I love Arm-r-Seal, but every single time I open the can there is a hardened layer on top that I have to scrape out. This will happen as quickly as overnight. The can isn't damaged and I always close it with a rubber mallet. Why does this happen? How can I stop it?
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    Bench for Christmas

    Great looking bench!
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    Dust Collection alternatives

    I have 2 of them in my shop, both with dust deputy's (they fit on top perfectly). They work great. I also have a Festool CT 26 and they are, IMO, comparable.
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    Another little cherry table.....

    Beautiful table. When your can of poly is gone, buy some Arm-R-Seal, you'll never go back.
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    Grandfather Clock / Tall Case Clock Project

    That is beautiful! Nice work.
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    Local hardwood

    I live exactly 25 minutes from both Wall lumber and the Hardwood Store in Gibsonville. I had a bad experience at the Hardwood Store about 2 years ago and started going to Wall lumber exclusively and couldn't be happier, the guys there are great. Just to add, I recently tried giving the...
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    Morning view

    Quite a transformation! And a quick one.
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    New Shop - Build Pictures

    The new shop is going up. I got lots of great suggestions here on what to do/not to do and it's been so helpful. It's 600 sqft/30' x 20'. Largest the HOA would let me build, but I think it will be OK. We also added onto our driveway to make it a little wider. I do have 10' ceilings though...
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    What is your indispensable hand tool?

    I can't believe no one has mention the block plane. My Lee Valley Low angle block plane is truly indispensable. I use it on every project at some time. Great for chamfers and round overs, or to get a part to fit perfectly. I even use it on my shooting board.
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    New shop-suggestions for wall material

    Thanks so much for the tips everyone. Lots to think about. I think I have already ditched the electrical in conduit idea. I just assumed it would be easier, but after all the posts here and actually thinking about it, I realize that's definitely not the case. The slat wall is definitely...
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    New shop-suggestions for wall material

    Builders have started on my new detached shop today and should be finished in a few weeks. After they are finished I have lined up to get it insulated and the ceiling dry walled. After this I'm about out of money for hiring help, so all the finishing inside will be me DIYing it. I was curious...
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    Sawstop Contractor w/52” T-Glide Pros/Cons

    I have the contractor saw and it's as stable and heavy as most brands cabinet saws. I suggest getting the cast iron wings to replace the stamped metal ones, worth every penny. Good luck. The only thing i don't like about it is the dust collection. Even with a 3HP DC connected, there is...
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    Nova DVR Drill Press

    I have the Nova drill press too and my main complaint about it is that they have developed a great drill press head with tons of features and then just stuck it on the same column that all other drill presses are on. The mechanism to keep the drill press from moving around is that same thing...

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