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    GONE: Free Dewalt DW706 non-starting 12" compound miter saw (from "Miter Saw won't start...usual suspects…" thread)

    Free for parts/spare parts or possible repair - I don't have an electronics bench nor the skills for more advanced electrical work so this non-starting saw is free for pickup in Northwest Greensboro. I'd ask whoever gets it to donate $25 to NCWW but only if you have spare funds after the...
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    Miter Saw won't start - rounded up the usual suspects to no avail

    Posting here for the collective wisdom from a long time but low-profile member: my four-year old DW706 Compound Miter saw has seen light use in a climate controlled garage but recently acted up: Over a day or two after cutting the blade took a little longer to stop. Then during a repeated...
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    Porter Cable 12" Thickness Planer PC 305tp SOLD

    Lightly used Porter Cable 15 amp thickness planer for sale in NW Greensboro- handles boards up to 12 inches wide. Primarily used for two large woodworking projects in the past years, still in excellent condition but I need to get a larger planer for some major work. Still in good condition...
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    Jointer Project: One-Time need for rough-cut Mahogany (Greensboro NC)

    I haven't posted in years (other hobbies/work/teenager take up time, and the last time I made the Greensboro Lunch Bunch Barbara Foreman was still my neighbor), but to make a long story short I need to plane some 6" to 13" wide African Mahogany and Sapele I've had stored for more than a decade...
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    GSO Woodcraft Store closing Jan 10 (20% or better off EVERYTHING)

    I got there yest afternoon (just before 4pm close), items are QUICKLY disappearing but it's all on sale, even lumber/Festool. No sawstop items left... router blades and sawblades all 25% off... hardware 50% off, Kreg 30%off... Alas, they're going the way of the GSO Rockler store....
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    Need cabinetryadvice/work done in Greensboro

    This is just a quick inquiry to get started on having some doors+drawer fronts made for my giant, nearly-finished cherry built-in entertainment center. I'd really appreciate advice as to whom to hire/see prior work, and would MUCH rather hire locally than order from the online options... I'd...
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    WoodWorking Auction in Eden Fri 8/3, Sat 8/4 [auctionzip link]

    Certainly a good variety of stuff [although no stacks of lumber in the photos, presumably should have lotsa wood as well??]: Not mine/no connection - have to work that weekend so I won't be able to go - the 16/32 sander looks great, sigh...
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    CL: Asheboro Ad - Mahogany $150

    Note now correctly describes as [mostly] walnut new link, more info: "I have 40 or more pieces of walnut, with a few other pieces of different wood. The boards average in width from 4 to 12 inches. I have somewhere around 500 to 600 linear...
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    Woodworking tools at Kernersville Estate Auction Sat 10am

    Looks like some sllightly older but very well maintained stuff - I have to work so I'll miss all of it, but home someone finds some good deals LINK: List below from the auction site: Delta ShopMaster 6"...
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    Lumber $0.75/bf in Advance [GSO CL]: maple/wild cherry/red oak beams

    Not mine, etc. sounds really good and would LOVE to get some maple and cherry but too far away (south of Winston-Salem): Maple, wild cherry, red oak beams (advance)Date: 2011-09-29, 7:13PM EDT Reply to: Kept dry for 25 years have 6000 board foot .75...
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    GSO CL: mixed lumber clean-up sale $200

    Not mine - a mixed lot of stuff posted on Greensboro CL FWIW, tis was apparently posted in 'yard sales' Friday AM (no photos/price, presumably no takers) then showed up 90 minutes ago in the right category w-price and photos. Seems like an...
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    GSO Craigslist: hardwood lumber

    Not mine... sounds (too?) good Hardwood lumber. Air drying for at least 2 years. Red oak White Oak Cherry Walnut Pine Red Cedar (Wide and Beautiful) Ambrosia Maple $.50 to 1.00 per bd/ft Location: Greensboro it's NOT ok to contact...
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    Greensboro Electrician for 240V line

    I've had an electrician over this week for an estimate on installing a 240V garage outlet [NEMA 6-50 plug] and rearranging some breakers in my service panel. Just now realized that along with checking I should ask the local NCWW'ers if there's any certified electricians here in...
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    Greensboro CL: 2 antique drill presses

    Not mine, etc. Looked like the kinda thing a few of the NCWW folks would like, from a suburb NW of Greensboro. Personally I have NO idea if they're a good deal, but I've seen little antique cherry pitters sell for this much at antique auctions...
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    GSO CL: 3 beams red oak (~ 86bf?) $40

    Not mine, looks like something someone here could use
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    Klingspor 5 and 6" discs

    I just got an email from Klingspor with a deal on hook+loop sanding discs: I'm also posting this in the announcements section, as I'm trying to get someone into a group buy for the Greensboro lunch meeting next Thursday Larry
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    GSO Craigslist: Wormy Maple $600 [ >=1200bf?]

    Not mine, just sounds like a good deal - I'd only want about 200bf of it though so I had to post. Quotes two stacks [43" tall x 46" wide, and 11 feet long ] + [20" x30" x 8 feet] for a max. volume of 183 cubic feet. Anyone for a group buy?
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    GSO CL: Large lot mahogany, worktable $200

    Not mine, etc; looks like a GREAT deal for the lot, just posted on Craigslist from a seller in High Point Phone number included - I'd buy it in a second if I had room for all the wood As a finder's fee, I'd love to buy a few board feet...
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    24" Undermount drawer slides

    If this note is better posted in the WANTED section of the classifieds, please LMK. I'd like to buy 15 pair of Blumotion 24" undermount drawer slides (or something equivalent, apparently Rockler has their version albeit only 21" or smaller), and figured I'd post here for leads. I'm currently...
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    GSO CL: Hawk Scroll Saw $175 (model 216-3 I think)

    Not mine, no connection, etc. This looks like the kind of saw occasionally posted in this forum - not a scroller myself but I think it's a good price:

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