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  1. RandyJ

    NEW POSTS showing more than new

    I have recently discovered strange behavior when visiting the site after closing my browser. Every time I open my Firefox browser (my homepage is NEW POSTS i.e. ), it shows posts from the last 15 days even though I...
  2. RandyJ

    Old Routers

    No, this isn't about that thing you plug in to your computer. These are old woodworking tools that I thought might interest a couple folks here. They are all in one mans collection (James Price), and he uses most of them. This one was made in 1621. Article and pics of the others...
  3. RandyJ

    Tree ID and split firewood ID

    My brother lives in WNC near Dillsboro at around 2500ft elevation. These trees are growing around his house but no idea what they are. The first two pics are of the same tree and the next two pics are of what appears to be a different species already split into firewood. Can anyone definitively...
  4. RandyJ

    The Rocking Chair

    I received this in a email message from a friend. I thought it was interesting as well as entertaining. Only hand tools used in the making of a rustic rocker from a tree stump. Enjoy
  5. RandyJ

    Baby Cradle JIT thanks to FredP! (Pic heavy!)

    A few weeks ago I had a project due but not enough time or talent to do it myself. Who would you call? Well, I called the fastest NCWWer in the east, FredP. Fred graciously agreed to help me pull it off. I brought the hard maple and breakfast and Fred took care of almost everything else! He...
  6. RandyJ

    Need 30 bdft of 4/4 dry Hard Maple

    I am in need of about 30 bdft of reasonably priced Hard Maple for a upcoming project. It needs to be dried and as clear as possible. Short lengths (6ft) are ok. I would like to pick it up asap. Shoot me a PM with price if you can help. Thanks in advance for any assistance:icon_thum
  7. RandyJ

    How can I make this flooring reducer?

    OK all you woodworking gurus...HELP! I have a 1x3 piece of oak 6ft. long that will be trimmed to about 2 1/4" wide. I need to make a reducer similar to this one: Even as WW challenged as I am, I can cut the groove.:saw: What I need to know is how to easily create the large radius on the top...
  8. RandyJ

    Happy Birthday Jonz!

    :new_birth Hope you have a great one:icon_thum:new_birth I know there's been no activity since last year, but everyone deserves a B'day wish...
  9. RandyJ

    Opinion on W Butcher Plane needed

    First let me say, I know nothing about planes!! My neighbor was kind enough to give me this plane after I commented he should leave it to me in his will:wink_smil. I'm not venturing into the neander world (YET) but was wondering if it is worth restoring. The only parts are the iron and body. No...
  10. RandyJ

    Pronounce Bocote???

    Ok all you sawdust covered Woodaholics...What is the correct pronunciation for Bocote:dontknow:? I've looked all over the internet (well, most of it) and can't find a dictionary/encylopedia that has it listed as the PRIMARY word. I've found it referenced as a common name for Cordia but no clue...
  11. RandyJ

    What makes TS inserts grow????

    This has me stumped:dontknow:! I have a Delta Contractor Table Saw purchased about 3 years ago. I replaced the standard inset with a Zero clearance insert almost immediately. Now, 3+ years later, I tried to put the original insert back and it's too BIG! I've checked/cleaned both the insert and...
  12. RandyJ

    Black Palm tricks anyone?

    Ok all you turning experts..I'm trying to turn some black palm pens but having problems with splintering, chunks flying, and in one case the entire blank popping off the tube:slap:. I got the other half of the pen somewhat done:new_shock but it has divots or little holes on the surface. Anyone...
  13. RandyJ

    Finally turned another pen!

    Haven't had much shop time lately. Here's my feeble attempt at another acrylic pen AND photography!:roll: It's Mother of Pearl with a Satin Pearl Kit. Both pics are the same pen w/different backgrounds. What can I do to improve the pics? (I know only more practice will help the pen turnings)...
  14. RandyJ

    Could a Wood shrinker/stretcher be next?

    Just found this in the HF sale flyer for March 7,8,9. When are they going to make one of these for WOOD???:rotflm: 2-IN-1 METAL SHRINKER/STRETCHER...
  15. RandyJ

    New name same old face! PappyJ bites the dust

    In keeping with the recommendations in the site policy, I have requested a name change from PappyJ to RandyJ. Now, if I could just find a cheap plastic surgeon, I'd be good as new:roll:!
  16. RandyJ

    Air Purifier Location

    I just purchased the JDS 750ER. I remember seeing a post earlier about location of the unit, i.e. distance from wall, center of room, distance from ceiling, etc. I did a search on "air filter location", "air purifier location", and others, but couldn't find it. Does anyone remember this...
  17. RandyJ

    Can you identify this?

    It's not really what I would call a woodworking tool, but I think it's wood related. A friend found this in the woods near Ft. Bragg. I don't know what it is. It has an "A" with wings on the handle. It's not the "Airborne" symbol but looks similar. I've searched the WWW and asked everyone I know...
  18. RandyJ

    [How Do I-Gallery] Remove photo from a gallery folder

    Status: Entered Assigned To:: Unassigned ===================================== How do I remove a photo from one of my folders in the Gallery? I've looked in the FAQs and couldn't find a way to do it:slap:. Thanks for your help.
  19. RandyJ

    First Pen, NO laughing

    Well, here's my first stab at pen turning. There are a few flaws, but overall, I think it turned out ok, for a beginner. This will probably be my shop pen. Sorry for the picture quality (there are so many things I need to work on!:roll:). Critiques welcomed... Thanks again to Gator for all his...
  20. RandyJ

    Advice needed on sanding/finishing acrylic acetate pen blanks

    Hello Braintrust, Now that Gator has made me dangerous:eusa_whis with a little turning knowledge, I need some advice on non-wood sanding/finishing. I purchased some Acrylic Acetate pen blanks, before our beloved WC store closed:crybaby2::crybaby2:. I THINK I'm ready to give them a try. Can...

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