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    Free magazines

    Fine Woodworking, Fine Homebuilding, Wood, Popular Woodworking, some woodturning magazines. I live in WInterville just outside Greenville. Text to two 5 two-5 six five-two seven five 7. If not gone by July 15 will haul to dump. Thanks.
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    Woodfast short bed lathe-SOLD

    For sale Woodfast lathe Model M410/16" center 5 speed ranges from 60 - 2750 RPM/20"swing 220 Volt single phase input to a 3 phase inverter to allow variable speeds #2 Morse taper/includes 6 and 12 inch tool rests/manual Selling as I just got a Laguna 1636 Asking $425.00 Text me for photos Two 5...
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    Washer for Delta shaper

    Not sure the proper name for this item. The flat washer with the little nib on the inside diameter that is used under the nut. Looking for a couple to make a proper and safe operation. Thanks.
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    Responding to Private Messages

    How do I respond to private messages. I am not the most computer proficient so I need some help. There does not seem to be a place to type the response, or I just don't understand the layout. Many thanks.
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    Dust collection from a dual drum sander

    If anyone out there in sawdust land has a dual-drum sander, tell me what you do for dust collection. I currently have a Delta 1 1/2 hp single stage dust collector with pleated filter up top. I have tried running a single 4" line to a Y-connection at the machine, 2 4" lines on each dust port, and...
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    Grain filler question

    Does this stuff have an expiration date, or does it ever 'go bad'. I have a can that has been sitting around for about 15 years and wondering if it is OK to use. Or just get off my cheap rear end and buy another can. Thanks.
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    Insulation Question

    I am planning to close in my shop ceiling joists and could use a suggestion for insulation. They are 2 X 6 joists, 24" OC. I know fiberglass batts are available, but I am also considering rigid foam. These come in 4 X 8 sheets from the local Lowes. I could cut to fit between the joists, using...
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    Curly Maple source in NC

    In the need of some Curly Maple for a desk project and wondering if there is a dealer in NC, other than Woodcraft or the Woodworking Shop that has this in stock for sale. Thanks in advance. Mike.
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    Looking for wood bleach

    I am having trouble finding some wood bleach or Oxalic Acid. I am refinishing a cabinet and the top has some hard to remove black stains, and wood bleach would do the trick. I am located in the Greenville/Winterville area. Thanks.
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    Question for Dino Drosas

    I am planning a lumber storage rack similar to the one you posted a while back. What size black pipe did you use and what is the length of the pipes??? Many thanks for the info.
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    Rockwell/Delta Unisaw for sale

    The ReTool store in Greenville, NC has a mid-60's model Rockwell/Delta Unisaw for sale. 240 volt single phase, upgrade to the Unifence, fold-down outfeed table. Excellent condition. ReTool 252-215-0862.
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    [Problem-Other] Problem adding sawyer to list

    Followed the directions provided by the administrator attempting to add a sawyer to the list in Eastern NC. Clicked on the "Edit this page" and it just takes me back to the original screen. Is it a problem w/my system or is there another way to add another source?? Thanks in advance. Mike.
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    Porter Cable Sawblade

    Notice the new variable-tooth 10" blade in the local HD, and I think I saw the same blade on the New Yankee Workshop Unisaw. Does anyone here have this blade, and if so, is it worth the $$$? The concept sounds good, a combination blade that gives smooth rips and crosscuts at the same time. Let...
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    Finishing Poplar

    Restoring a drop leaf table for a customer. At firs glance the table appeared to be a cherry wood before the finish was removed. Only to find out it was stained poplar. Customer wants to go back with a brown-looking stain to match other pieces in the home. My question is whether or not a...
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    Urea-formaldehyde Glue

    Read the article in the recent past issue of Fine Woodworking mag on the best glues for different applications. I have a bent lamination project in the works and I need some of this glue. The local big box stores (Lowes and HD) do not have it in the Greenville, NC area. Any of you guys know of...
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    Best glue for bent laminating

    After reading several articles on glues, and what each one is best used for, I am still confused as to which is best for bent laminating. I have used the yellow stuff for years, usually Titebond II, with good success. But not for any bent stuff. I am making a bookcase with curving front posts...
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    Attaching Corian material to wood

    Anyone between the Blue Ridge Parkway and East Carolina University can answer this question. I just completed a cabinet that will have a solid surface insert inset into a mitered frame. Does anyone have any idea what is the best adhesive for securing this material to the wood frame? This is my...
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    New Member

    Just found this site and it is great to find other wood butchers around the state. Been doing this woodworking thing for about 18 years. Got started with a copy of FineWoodworking magazined on the newstand got my attention, as well as Norm Abram of NYY fame. Got started just like everyone else...

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