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    ALL CLAIMED: 5/8" PREFINISHED Baltic Birch Plywood (4x8)

    This sounds great - I'm working all week but if needed they can be left in my driveway (I'll get a tarp ready if rain in forecast) How should I pay (cash or PayPal)?
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    ALL CLAIMED: 5/8" PREFINISHED Baltic Birch Plywood (4x8)

    This would be perfect for some upcoming cabinet plans I'm fine to commit for FIVE sheets ($200) if they could be dropped off in NW Greensboro, no current vehicle that can move 4x8's I can store a few more sheets for a week if you need to drop off extras for other local buyers I'm about 3 miles...
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    Electrical options of r setting up a new shop

    As dedicated BEV driver for a decade (battery electric vehicle, NO gas ever and now on my second Nissan LEAF) I'd recommend adding wiring for at least one 220V 40-50 amp Level-2 EV charger if you will have a car parked in/near the garage - if panel is full you most likely would only charge at...
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    Table Saw Journey

    As a pediatrician, the only saw I'd have is a SawStop - extra cost is covered by the copay for even a few sutures (and losing a finger can cost a job…) SawStop is very good quality too - no regrets with my 1.75hp contractor (nor the 3hp Cabinet version at the Forge)
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    OK, I like Gizmo tools BUT .....

    Sorry, pencils are dangerous in space (shavings are flammable, graphite is a conductor) so pens are the only choice The Fisher space pen was developed for about $1 million but expense was footed by the Parker company and they (still) sell well
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    GONE: Free Dewalt DW706 non-starting 12" compound miter saw (from "Miter Saw won't start...usual suspects…" thread)

    Saw is spoken for (by Ken S, apparently his post is not appearing here but just on my email): I'll hold it for now "I would like your DeWalt miter saw. Can pick up wait until I visit the Hardwood Store in Gibsonville? Shouldn't be much longer then a week or so." Ken S
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    GONE: Free Dewalt DW706 non-starting 12" compound miter saw (from "Miter Saw won't start...usual suspects…" thread)

    Free for parts/spare parts or possible repair - I don't have an electronics bench nor the skills for more advanced electrical work so this non-starting saw is free for pickup in Northwest Greensboro. I'd ask whoever gets it to donate $25 to NCWW but only if you have spare funds after the...
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    Noodle Board

    Actually to make it foolproof make sure the board ALSO covers the knobs for the burners! (Might wind up an inch taller but worth it)
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    Miter Saw won't start - rounded up the usual suspects to no avail

    Great advice, will work on it Saturday afternoon if the switch arrives
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    Miter Saw won't start - rounded up the usual suspects to no avail

    Posting here for the collective wisdom from a long time but low-profile member: my four-year old DW706 Compound Miter saw has seen light use in a climate controlled garage but recently acted up: Over a day or two after cutting the blade took a little longer to stop. Then during a repeated...
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    And then the magic smoke oozed out of the table saw ...

    As an instant/stop-gap solution, if you can transport all the wood, you could join the Forge (Greensboro non-profit) for a month and use their room full of woodworking equipment for $54/month, just not as handy as your home shop.
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    COVID 19

    As a full-time pediatrician for more than 25 years, in terms of your comment " I have yet to be convinced of the dangers of the C 19 virus. Yes, it is dangerous for those folks who are already sufferings from other illnesses that have compromised their immune systems, but I truly wonder how many...
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    Glue for Nylon

    From a website about gluing 3d printed items (which frequently use nylon, website is " all3d dot com " Best Versatility: Polyurethane Glue Gorilla polyurethane glue will adhere to almost anything. If you’re looking for something sticky that’ll adhere almost anything, look no further than...
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    16/4 Mahogany

    If you start with a 3-inch thick mahogany slab you could make alternating cuts on table saw with blade at 45 degrees. This would produce 3-inch tall triangular pieces with a 6-inch face AND two 4.24" sides perpendicular to each other. You could then glue the 6-inch faces together yielding...
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    Sawstop Contractor w/52” T-Glide Pros/Cons

    I have the Contractor SawStop w-52" fence + cast-iron, also the Bench Dog Cast iron Router wing: adds weight+stability, saves room, and as a physician with all my fingers I'd never consider any other table saw… Heartily recommended!
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    Porter Cable 12" Thickness Planer PC 305tp SOLD

    Planer SOLD to local teacher from Kernersville. The deal included a discount AND gifting the buyer two Raffle tickets: Lee gets XX20 & XX21 so we'll see…
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    Porter Cable 12" Thickness Planer PC 305tp SOLD

    Please LMK what else you might need to know - I'm off this weekend if you want to check it out Larry
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    Porter Cable 12" Thickness Planer PC 305tp SOLD

    Lightly used Porter Cable 15 amp thickness planer for sale in NW Greensboro- handles boards up to 12 inches wide. Primarily used for two large woodworking projects in the past years, still in excellent condition but I need to get a larger planer for some major work. Still in good condition...
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    New shop suggestions

    While you're working with electrical, I'd install a Level 2 charger for an electric vehicle (many good models for $500 or less, and the cheapest is ~$200: it'll be great for your next car, or visitors, much cheaper to install with initial construction. Our family has 2 EV's, I'm waiting for the...
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    Jointer Project: One-Time need for rough-cut Mahogany (Greensboro NC)

    Thanks for all the advice - looks like the Forge since it's closest (Chris Goris - appreciate the generous offer to use your equipment in Lexington but my little battery EV car wouldn't get there and back without charging) so looks like the Forge will be the best

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