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    Dewalt Compound Miter Saw w/ Blades and Accs-SOLD

    I have an older but seldom used Dewalt DW706 compound miter saw that is taking up space in my shop. I have three extra blades for it, as well as the length stops, extension bars (to support longer pieces) and crown stops. I'm asking $200 for everything. PM if interested, thank you! PS I am...
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    Woodpecker Exact Fit Dado Jig Lower Price

    I have this complete set up, the 32.5" version, with the zero clearance blocks and edge guides. Here is a link to the reintroduction of this one time tool by Woodpecker (coming March2021). I have used by only twice in two years, and I'm cleaning the shop out. Asking $200 for everything...
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    Hinge Help

    I'm reaching out to get your input on what type and size of hinges (and latch) to use for a project. I'm building two dog kennels (about 22x30x24) and am using cherry for the construction. It basically consists of four rail and stile frames with 1/2" dowels for the bars. The door will be ~2"...
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    Free Saw Stop Miter Gauge

    Howdy! Santa brought me a new upgraded miter gauge (didn't know he had a sub-contract with Jessem!). So I have the original miter gauge that came with my table saw last year. Just PM me, thanks! Jeff
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    10 Inch Dado Stack $50-SOLD

    I have no use for this "almost new" Oldham brand dado 10" stack (5/8" arbor hole). My table saw uses an 8" set to operate the safety mechanism, so this one just sits around. I was thinking around $50 for the set plus shipping (if any needed). Thanks! -Jeff
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    Router Bit Set for Shaker Style Cabinet Doors

    As a newbie woodworker, I am still feeling my way around the art, so this forum in very valuable. I made some cabinet doors (frame and panel) for a desk, shaker style, using my table saw and dado blade to make the stiles and rails. I have since discovered that there are router bit sets out...
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    Dewalt DW618 Kit for Sale

    I have a Dewalt DW618 plunge router kit (case, plunge base, fixed base, extra base plates and case) for sale. It is seldom used and I have a smaller router so this one needs to go. Comes with the 1/4" and 1/4" collets. I'd prefer not to ship this big case. Price is $130 or thereabouts.....:)
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    Shrinking Drum on Grizzly Oscillating Spindle Sander

    I have a Grizzly OS sander about two years old, and infrequently used. I noticed that my 3" rubber drum has shrunk and hardened to the point that the sanding sleeve slides around on the drum, no matter how hard I crank down the nut on the spindle. I contacted Grizzly about this and the basic...
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    New Member from Sherrills Ford

    Howdy from Catawba County! Having recently retired from my second job as an investigator with a major bank (first was with the US Dept of Homeland Security Investigations-formerly US Customs Service), I have a bit more time to spend playing in my workshop. I did open a small private...
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    What does this mean? (from the Festool Domino manual)

    I may just be a bit "slower" than the average guy, but I am trying to learn to use my new Festool Domino Joiner by making some cabinet cases, and this is quoted in the Festool supplemental manual: Because the mortises are registered from the base of the Domino (fixed 10 mm distance), the...
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    Festool Track Saw and Metric Scale on FT joiner

    Just used my retirement gift (gift card to Klingspors) to pick up a Festool track saw. That is the BEST tool I have ever owed...I wish I had purchased that earlier. It makes breaking down large sheets of BB plywood a breeze. My next tool target is a Festool domino joiner. I kinds of...

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