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  1. Russ Denz

    THANKS FOR YOUR HELP + KILN still available

    Thanks to all of you who helped lighten my load; it is much appreciated, and now everything is sold :thumbs_up...except for my kiln :thumbs_do. Escrow got pushed back again, and we'll be here through next week - maybe, so it's not too late. :) Mainly I wanted to say mahalo to you all. I plan...
  2. Russ Denz

    540 & Capitol Blvd to Old Sparta - Russ's moving sale

    If anyone is coming out to our moving sale - see Classifieds - and is going by the 540/Capitol Blvd area, I would like to ask you to stop and pick-up a Dog travel kennel (XL) I bought on Craigslist and bring it with you. SHORT NOTICE OK as owner can leave it out. Call me at 252-827-1446 if you...
  3. Russ Denz

    Moving Date is 2 weeks from today: Nov 17th...finally!

    Finally, after 2 years of waiting, we head back out west (AZ) on Saturday, November 17th. So, next Saturday, the 10th, we're having a big sale to cut down on what we have to ship the 2500 miles 'tween here & there. I'll have a BUNCH of woodworking stuff, some of which I'll post in Classified...
  4. Russ Denz

    GREAT DEAL on PANEL SAW in Raleigh/Apex

    I have no relationship with this guy (Anthony) but I did talk with him about his panel saw ad on Craigslist - It's just over a year old and he has the papers for proof; he has almost $3000 in this saw - did the math myself - and he's looking for...
  5. Russ Denz

    The "myth" is now a reality

    After almost two years of "pre-moving" sales of (almost) all my excess woodworking stuff, it is now official. Last night we signed the contract on our property - with a pre-qualified buyer !!!:icon_cheers The stated closing date is September 2nd, but of course it is subject to change. We're...
  6. Russ Denz

    new guy...not really, just S-L-O-W

    Hey all, My name is Russ and I'm an - oh wait; wrong meeting. Actually I'm not an alcoholic, but I am truly a tool junkie with delusions of grandeur that include creating works of art from one of God's greatest gifts to the world: wood. When the inspiration occurs I want to be ready, hence...
  7. Russ Denz

    Need help in Eastern NC

    Although I wish everyone who reads this is gainfully employed to their max, all the news outlets say otherwise, so I'm hoping someone can benefit from my situation. Specifically, we are preparing to move back to the desert and my "man cave" needs a lot of work before we can pack it up...
  8. Russ Denz

    Feedback on Classifieds

    I want to share some feedback on a seller in the classifieds but can't figure out how to do it / find instructions to do so. How do I do that? Thanks, Russ
  9. Russ Denz

    From Contact Us Form - updating a downloaded file + linking it - Russ Denz - onobeano

    Name: Russ Denz Email: Subject: updating a downloaded file + linking it -------------------- I just uploaded an Excel file of shop goods to sell and already have to edit it as I have a purchase date wrong. I also plan on updating it regularly as things sell, so please tell...

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