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  1. sawduster

    pull-ur-own-parts auto junkyards ( update )

    do these still exist ? i need a tail light socket for my Highlander ( dropped it down into the frame :o ) but it is sold only as part of the assembly and not seperately. At least not that I can find . It is a small plastic piece that should not be expensive if I can find a junkyard somewhere...
  2. sawduster

    pimp my pop-up

    Last fall I stole bought an old used-but-not-abused Coleman Sun Valley pop up :gar-Bi Stove works, heater works, lights ( inside and out ) work. Sink had a faucet but I found it to be cracked and essentially worthless. A replacement was stupidly expensive because it is a low-profile model so the...
  3. sawduster

    planer stand or buy ?

    I am in the middle of some major renovations to make my shop more user-friendly and i am to the point of thinking about mobile stands for my Delta planer and my 6" craftsman joiner. Part of my upgrade will be a front " porch " off of the garage door as an outside workspace. I will need to...
  4. sawduster

    Jingle bell rock Part Deux

    i will not clutter this up with a bunch of text ........I think the pics tell the story just fine :gar-Bi Merry Chrstmas everyone ...thanx for lookin' :D
  5. sawduster

    Jingle bell rock

    Well the deed is did . A project most of you could do in a weekend had taken me a month and a half :D It's my first ever and it was, by turns, challenging, exciting, frustrating and wonderful. Fred helped me with some thick poplar and Sapele and helped with some glue up and milling on his big...
  6. sawduster

    craftsman jointer drive belt

    I have an old Craftsman 6" jointer mod #21788 that finally broke it's drive belt over the weekend :( Sears says the part number is 18738.00 . Amazon shows the part but the pic shows a plain belt and this one is grooved ......I know it's just a pic but I don't trust it for an online purchase. I...
  7. sawduster

    Mineral oil and beeswax

    OK, I'm making a rocking horse for my grandson :eek: ....yeah, I know, a big bite for me but I am enjoying it . Fred has helped me with a really nice piece of poplar and some of the larger milling and glue-up but I am doing the actual crafting all by my lonesome. Anyhoo, I have stumbled across...
  8. sawduster

    Knife block

    Tried a little something different this time. The Shoppe Widow wanted a new knife block so I figured I had nuttin' to lose by trying :gar-Bi I asked her for her favorite knifes so I could customize it and I went to the shop. No plans, really, just an idea of how to approach it without using...
  9. sawduster

    The deed is did ( gloat )

    after tons or research, lots of input and sleepless nites, I have done the deed. I am the proud poppa of a bouncing baby Bosch 4100 :gar-Bi the obligatory visual proof ( with a little sawdust as per proper procedure ) This thing is straight and true right out of the box ! :icon_thum...
  10. sawduster

    saw shopping

    I have finally decided it is time for a new table saw. :icon_cheers I currently have a cheapo Crapsman that I bought like 8 years ago before I knew better. It’s a 10” on a metal stand with the dust bag underneath ……you know the type . my shop is really small so I need to keep the new saw small...
  11. sawduster

    Out of my slump ( sorta )

    been in a hard-core death spiral as far as creativity and shop motivation for some time now :( Can't explain it .....know better than to even try :nah: A co-worker wanted to commission a portrait and I almost said " no " but took it anyway with the understanding that the results may be a long...
  12. sawduster

    HVAC in/near Youngsville

    The time has come to replace our 20 year old HVAC. Gonna go the full route, all new everything I expect. cash money, no credit wanted or expected ( shop fund goes back to zero :( ) Any input ? Who and why ( or why not for that matter) ? Any comments welcome ....public or private :cool: TIA...
  13. sawduster

    Leash caddy

    My neighbors are huge Tim Burton fans and specifically " Nitemare Before Christmas " junkies . They also have 2 dogs and in one of my more creative moods recently I decided to design a leash caddy for them It was fun to make and they are thrilled to death with it . I even turned the...
  14. sawduster

    Thanx Bobby G

    Last year Bobby G posted about a youth project he was involved in that consisted of building bluebird houses. I asked if I could have a copy of the plans as youth-project plans ( simple ) are right at my skill level :p A little time went by and we both forgot about it but lo and behold one day a...
  15. sawduster

    lowes project starter

    Just a shot in the dark . Anyone have one of those Lowes $250 project starter coupons laying around ? TIA
  16. sawduster

    Iron Station to ...........

    Youngsville or Durham or Troy or Carthage or ........ myself and the lovely and talented Berta have each scored radiant heaters from Brian and need to get them closer to our shops . i live in Youngsville but work in Durham. Berta is a little more mobile than me and could possible go to Troy or...
  17. sawduster

    Newest portrait

    The one is a memorial of sorts. The young man in the picture passed quite suddenly and unexpectedly last year. The portrait is a birthday gift for his mother who is also in the pic. This is her favorite picture of her son. They spirited it out of the house, made me a copy and got it back in...
  18. sawduster

    Christmas portrait finished

    A co-worker presented me with a bit of a challenge this year, He wanted a portrait of his grandparents for his dad but did not have a good pic of them together that he could steal, only 2 separate pics View image in gallery I View image in gallery I scanned them and went to work...
  19. sawduster

    lil' redneck

    my grandson Nate, a splinter off the ol' stump View image in gallery .....we even have about the same amount of hair :eek: :rotflm:
  20. sawduster

    worth it ?

    is this worth the money ? remember I am still in diapers when it come to real woodworking so my needs are still pretty basic...

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