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  1. Rhythm House Drums

    Jet 1642 2hp lathe - inconsistant wobble.

    Wondering if anyone has had this sort of issue before or any ideas where to start trouble shooting... The issue I'm having is that I'll smooth out a my piece on the lathe (I'm doing stave built drums, with slight taper. Sort of like a barrel but one end at 12" diameter and the other around 6...
  2. Rhythm House Drums

    Steam bending walnut strips

    I've not done much steam bending but have a project where I'd like to bend some rings between 9 and 18 inches diameter. The walnut strips are about 3/4 wide and just over 1/8 thick. I didn't soak them first and steamed about 30 min. - but they ended up swelling the 3/4 width by almost...
  3. Rhythm House Drums

    Looking for Laser Engraver in Matthews - Charlotte area

    I previously have worked at a few sign and engraving shops.. so I've used laser engraving equipment quite a bit. One option I was giving my customers was to customize their drums with laser engraving. I've done some neat drums on the laser. However, I no longer work with or have access to an...
  4. Rhythm House Drums

    Looking for a bandsaw

    I'm looking for a used bandsaw. At least 1hp and 14 or 17". Been checking CL but thought I'd ask here as I'm not finding much. Not looking for the deal of a life time, just a fair price. MSG me if you have one or know someone. I'm in Charlotte but don't mind a bit of a drive.
  5. Rhythm House Drums

    Looking for a custom Drawer Storage for shop

    So I don't know how to build cabinets and although I'd love to learn, I need a solution for my shop and dont have time or space to start this type of project. I'd love to get someone local to build this for me. I'm looking for something similar to this...
  6. Rhythm House Drums

    Flame Boxelder

    I'm looking for about 20 BF of 4/4 flame boxelder. And a 2" thick 13x13" block. Any ideas where to find this stuff around here? I'm willing to pay to have it shipped in but not having much luck finding it.
  7. Rhythm House Drums

    Kapex having rough cut issues - any ideas

    I was cutting some hard maple on the kapex miter saw the other day, nothing crazy thick or out of the ordinary. I had a few pieces 16" long 3/4" thick and maybe 2 inches wide I had milled them flat and square. I was using a stop block and cutting down to 5" lengths. Using the stock blade...
  8. Rhythm House Drums

    Sandblasting wanted for rust removal

    I picked up a cheap but heavy built 5x10 flat bed trailer. It's built with 4" c channel iron and steel sheet bed, some sort of heavy axle, not a trailer axel. Leaf springs, coil springs, and shock absorbers. 15" tires. Anyhow, it needs some work. I've put new tires on, repacked the bearings...
  9. Rhythm House Drums

    Utility Trailer

    I'm looking for a decent utility trailer. 4x8, 5x8, or 5x10. I Keep checking CL but mostly junk or new. Looking to spend around 400.00. Maybe a bit more if its nice. If you've got an extra one, or don't use yours, I'd love to look a it. -Kevin
  10. Rhythm House Drums

    Bandsaw reviews?

    I've gotten by without a bandsaw until now. I'm having more projects where it would be useful, and some coming up where it's more of a must. My shop is small and I am trying to figure out where to out it. I will be needing a 14 or 17" model and might as well get one I can resaw on when the time...
  11. Rhythm House Drums

    Thick wood

    Does anyone stock wood over 2" thick regularly? I'm looking for some 2.5" think Ash, Walnut, and/or Maple. Also, my shop is turning into a wood collection with a few tools buried underneath. I'd love to build a little lean-to or shed to house the wood outside. Any ideas for this? Should it...
  12. Rhythm House Drums

    High torque low RPM motor?

    I'm looking for a high torque motor with low RPM (or adjustable). I'm not really too knowledgeable on motors, but I have an idea in mind and if I can find one for what I need, it just might work. Anyone know of a place to get these? I dont want to spend too much on it.. it's really just to...
  13. Rhythm House Drums

    Look for small amount of veneer bubinga and maple

    I'm looking for a small amount of veneer, acutally my project has two inlays that are about 3" x 6". I'm looking for some figured or flame bubinga and maple to make this accent pop. If anyone has scraps this size, I'm happy to pay for it, otherwise if you know where I could get some in small...
  14. Rhythm House Drums

    Black Counter Top Stuff

    Hi guys, I'm looking for approx. 24x36 piece of black / dark colored counter laminate. I dont know when I'll use this for more than this project, so I figured I'd ask here before I buy a full sheet. I'm using this as a top to a router table. I'm happy to pay you for it! I'm in Matthews, NC...
  15. Rhythm House Drums

    Roller for small peice of laminate?

    I just picked up some 3/4 Baltic birch some red oak for supports and some thicker counter laminate. Yes, I'm headed towards a router top. :). I've not done laminate before, but picked up some 3m super 90 spray. Also saw some 3m 98 contact cement, but had heard of the 90 so got that. The...
  16. Rhythm House Drums

    Headstock / Tailstock Riser

    Wondering if anyone makes a 2" riser for the headstock / tailstock for a jet 1642? Searched online and looks like a few people have made them (DIY), one guy describes the process. (well pretty much takes a large chunk of metal to a machine shop and they do the rest). Just curious if anyone...
  17. Rhythm House Drums

    Looking for help building a cabinet for my chop saw / planer

    I'm finally cleaning up my shop... again.. and need a better way to organize to keep it from getting so bad. Right now I've got my chop saw on one of those plastic shelving units with the planer and some other hand tools on the shelf below. It's not quite the right size, and I've been meaning...
  18. Rhythm House Drums

    Padauk in 8/4 ?

    I'm looking for some padauk in 8/4. Anyone know of any sources? I dont need a lot, maybe 4bf for this project.
  19. Rhythm House Drums

    Sticky Finish - any ideas?

    So I've used wipe on poly on top of danish oil with walnut tons of times and have always had good results. So I'm really baffled as to what has gone wrong, and hope maybe some of you can put in your ideas. I used Watco Danish oil on walnut that was sanded to 220. Used two very light coats and...
  20. Rhythm House Drums

    Ductwork - Premium or Economy

    So I have a smaller shop, about 300 sqft. and I just got a quote for ductwork from Penn State Ind. I had them quote me the economy and the premium ductworks. There is about a 350.00 dollar difference between the two. Does anyone have experience with these different ducts? I know the premium...

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