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  1. Barry W

    Klingspor (Whiteside) Ultimate Flush Trim Bit or Infinity Tools Mega Flush Trim Bit?

    I am interested in buying a new flush trim bit and have narrowed my choices to either the Klingspor Ultimate or a set of Infinity Tools Mega. Have any of you used either of these bits or which do you think is best? I realize that Whiteside bits are made in Hickory, NC, and Infinity bits are...
  2. Barry W

    Do NCWW Forums have "spell check"?

    This may be a result of a setting in the forum or my PC, but I doe not have spell check when entering text on the NCWW forums. Spell check works in all other applications I use on my PC. Some users do not care for this feature but I find it a benefit in correcting typos.
  3. Barry W

    Pictures From 2019 Klingspor Extravaganza Outreach Project . . . To be Continued

    A good time was had by all . . .
  4. Barry W

    Watco Deal!

    Found this at Greensboro Ollies. Oh, I also had a 15% discount coupon :D $3.99 - 15% = $3.39.
  5. Barry W

    Storing Plywood

    Well . . . . here's another thread about plywood started by yours truly. My inquires about plywood began with this thread: Has Anyone . . . If one does not have space to store plywood laying flat, is it better to stand it on the short (4') side or the long (8') side? Thanks.
  6. Barry W

    Does Anyone Use This Plywood?

    I received an email from HD this week promoting "Select Cabinet-Grade 3/4" Radiata Pine Plywood." I have used radiata for door and window trim and molding, purchased at a local lumber yard, and like it very much. I realize radiata ply would not be the same quality as Baltic birch but may be...
  7. Barry W

    Where Can I Buy Bamboo Plywood - 3/4"

    Does anyone know where I can buy 3/4" bamboo (vertical) plywood? I do not need a full 4' x 8' sheet, 4' x 4' is my preference. I've searched online and cannot find a seller in the Triad.
  8. Barry W

    CL/Winston-Salem: Custom Built Router Table- Nice

    This may be a NCWW member selling.
  9. Barry W

    King Cub Scouts Event Photos - Great Outreach Event!

    We had a grand time with the King Cub Scouts yesterday . . . here's proof!
  10. Barry W

    What is Best Way to Join Wood Wider Than the Jointer??

    I realize this is not a problem unique to my situation. Therefore I am requesting opinions on the preferred way to do this. Here's what's happening . . . . . I have a cherry board that is 11" wide which needs to be 9" wide. My problem is that my jointer is an 8" machine. After cutting 2"...
  11. Barry W

    Are you seeing hyperlinks in NCWW threads? SOLVED!

    Below are examples of how NCWW threads appear on my computer beginning this morning. Also, sometimes when I click on a thread I am taken to an advertising site in a new window. Is this on my computer only or on the NCWW site for all to see?
  12. Barry W

    Finally . . . . Videos!

    I have long attempted to embed a video in either a thread post or a PM in NCWW with no success. It's now very easy using the Insert\Media\Enter Media URL function. Thanks, Ron! Example:
  13. Barry W

    Outreach Volunteers Needed - King Cub Scouts

    The King Cub Scout leaders have asked NCWW to participate in a woodworking teaching event. This is a one day outreach event on May 4, at the King American Legion Post on Main Street (Map) from 9:00 - 5:00. We will be working with approximately 28 Cub Scouts ages 5 - 11. The participants have...
  14. Barry W

    I Cannot Edit My Posts in Thread I Started

    I need to update the list of volunteers in this thread, but Edit Post is not present in any of my posts in this thread. Other current threads I started or have otherwise posted a comment have Edit Post at the bottom of my comments. Thanks.
  15. Barry W

    Can Ugly Dye Finish be Improved?

    Upon the recommendation of my wife, after showing her samples of various finishes, I dye stained a project with General Finishes Classic Cherry dye stain. We found that a small sample does not always look like the finished (no pun intended) product. The cherry book case is too red and very...
  16. Barry W

    If You Were At Stokes Stomp Outreach Event - You May Want to See This!

    Florence left her mark on Moratock Park in Danbury, NC . . . NCWW Outreach tents were here. NCWW Outreach was located in this area. Below is a link to a video of Moratock Park flooded. Much more serious flooding and hurricane damages occurred in other parts of North...
  17. Barry W

    Check-Out the 12' Picnic Table we Built

    My friend Steve and I spent today finishing a 12' picnic table for his weekend home in Cleveland county. It is made of pine boards (some heart of pine) salvaged from a condemned state bridge on his property. Th table is very rustic and suitable for a wooded area.
  18. Barry W

    Greensboro CL: Makita TS - $300, Bosch Miter Saw - $375.00

    I found on Greensboro CL this very lightly used Makita TS kit for $300.00; like new Bosch CM10GD Miter Saw for $375.00; Ridgid R4512 Table Saw for $350.00 and other lightly used items from this seller. These are not "give-away" prices, but the seller states the items are either like new or...
  19. Barry W

    Am I the Only Member Experiencing Slow NCWW Page Loading?

    I have slow loading of NCWW pages tonight as I did last night. This problem is not presenting itself with any other web sites, only with NCWW. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks.
  20. Barry W

    KINGFEST October 6 OUTREACH ** Signup **

    October 6, 2018 Central Park, King, NC KingFest is held annually the first Saturday in October at Central Park in King, North Carolina. The festival includes a variety of activities for all ages. Live music performed at the amphitheatre includes music of varied genres. Also included in the...

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