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  1. Rhododendron burl hollow form

    Rhododendron burl hollow form

  2. Birch burl bowl

    Birch burl bowl

  3. 7 Red Oak Burl Nested Bowls

    7 Red Oak Burl Nested Bowls

  4. flyrod444

    Latest HF.... Hollow Form Turning

    Re: Latest HF Thanks for the compliments everyone. Here is a pic of the Kobra hollowing system I use and will post a pic of the measuring system soon. The wall on this form are from 3/16" to 1/4" with most being 3/16" Thanks again, Jack
  5. flyrod444

    Latest HF.... Hollow Form Turning

    I was able to get my hands on a few maple burls last fall and this is the largest of the forms I was able to turn from it. I hollowed it out green using my Kobra but returned it free hand. It is just a little heavier than the basket ball in the last picture. I was able to turn this form thinner...
  6. flyrod444

    First large vase using the Kobra system

    Thanks everyone, the wood is Silver Maple. Jack
  7. flyrod444

    First large vase using the Kobra system

    This is the first large vase that I finished using the Kobra system. It is around 13" tall and finished with lacquer. The first picture is of it after I roughed it out. The second picture is of it after I finished it. Can't take credit for the finished picture since it was taken at a turning...
  8. flyrod444

    A few of my latest off the lathe

    Thanks again everyone! David, I've done a number of demo's at three of the local turning clubs but still have not ventured into classes at my shop. Being 6' 4" my lathe at home is set up to tall for most students to use well and there is the liability of having people use my personal equipment...
  9. flyrod444

    A few of my latest off the lathe

    Thanks for the compliments everyone. I have been blessed with this beautiful silver maple for the last 3 years and still have over 100 more bowls and forms dry or drying to return from it. The 1rst pic actually was saved twice. first was when I sanded through the valley at the top and had to...
  10. flyrod444

    A few of my latest off the lathe

    I don't post much on this site but do come and check it out often. I just wanted to post a few pic's of some of the latest pieces to come of my lathe. They are all turned from silver maple and finished with lacquer. Jack This one is 9" high and was to have a flared out top that I managed to...
  11. flyrod444

    Turners Smock Useul?

    MultiCam® Woodturner’s Smock - Woodturners Catalog - Woodworking tools and supplies specializing in woodturning.= This one is extremely light weight and doesn't show spots of finish or CA glue that have got onto it. The pockets in the back are very useful as well. Jack
  12. flyrod444

    Magnolia For Bowls Etc.

    A couple of my students turned some and it looked very good, but it smells weird when turned and bothers me for this reason. Jack
  13. flyrod444

    Wolverine or Tormek Ever on Sale?

    Keep you eyes looking at Hartville tool. They have Oneway stuff on sale from time to time and I was one of the lucky customers to stumble onto the sale they had on their Tormek sharpeners when the T-7 came out. I think that they had 3 of the older ones that they sold for half of what the new T-7...
  14. flyrod444

    GWL Update - Week 1 and 2 (Pic heavy!)

    Great looking turnings for your first stuff of this lathe. I hope you don't use the table saw much in the pictures, because if your like most turners it becomes a horizontal surface to set turning related items on and takes half an hour just to move the stuff off so that it can be used. :gar-BiI...
  15. flyrod444

    Maple burl rough out

    Mike, I turn burls just like all the wood I get. I turn them green and it's thickness to around 10% of the Dia. of the form or bowl and place it in one or two brown paper bags and lay it on the concrete floor in the back of my shop to dry for 3 months or more. I check it ever other week and Zap...
  16. flyrod444

    Maple burl rough out

    I've been looking at the burls on a large red maple tree for years and it was cut down last year when the property was developed for commercial use. I stopped and asked about it before they got around to cutting it and was told that it was already spoken for and was to be sawed into lumber. It...
  17. flyrod444

    Hollowing systems

    I have and use the Kobra hollowing system. It is built like a tank and is the only articulated arm hollowing system that I know of that can go over 20" deep. It is more pricey than most but worth it if you want to go really deep with an articulated hollowing system. They don't make but a few of...
  18. flyrod444

    It's Here! Caution - New Lathe Gloat

    Great looking lathe. It should prove to give you a life time of turning pleasure. Looking forward to seeing what comes of this lathe. Jack
  19. flyrod444

    Cherry Squared

    Thanks again, Ed the vase is hollowed out with a wall thickness of 1/8" +/- a 1/16". I hollowed it with a John Jordan #1 swan neck tool and home made straight boring bar that is a copy of John's straight bar. Thanks Again, Jack Mincey
  20. flyrod444

    Cherry Squared

    Thanks everyone. Chris I burned the rim by holding a piece of 0000 steel wool against it until it burned the rim. Thanks Again, Jack

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