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  1. Russ Denz


    From what I've read recently, Jim, if it's an American Chestnut and it's not all eaten up with blight, you might do well to give the guy whatever he asks...because you may never see one again. Then again, everything you read on the internet is true, right? Seriously, the American Chestnut was...
  2. Russ Denz

    how do I remove wax buildup from drum sander?

    another vote for Bocote, not that the number of votes determines reality. just my nickel's worth
  3. Russ Denz

    Natural light for your shop - free

    Darn! Too little, too late, and too far away! We are looking at a possible new home and thinking about converting the free-standing 3-car garage into my new Man Cave. As you might imagine, I was wondering how much it would cost to put in 4 big windows to capture the natural light from that...
  4. Russ Denz

    Bookcase Build: Christmas Project & Christmas Gift

    You truly have some vision, talent, AND the skills to do some really great things, Kave! That feeling you experienced while spending time with Forrest is exactly what I was missing in NC; but now that we're back in the ARId ZONe it's all good. BTW: nice saw! Russ
  5. Russ Denz

    Need heart pine for trim

    Hi Sherry, I have a stack of heart pine reclaimed from a train warehouse structure built in the early 1800's. We are moving cross-country on Saturday (we hope) so you would have to move quickly, like today or tomorrow. These are boards we couldn't fit in the containers we're shipping...
  6. Russ Denz

    Yet another Wood ID

    A KEY indicator of Butternut is its weight, so if it feels significantly lighter than most other hardwoods - given its appearance, which we've already seen - you can bet it's Butternut.
  7. Russ Denz

    THANKS FOR YOUR HELP + KILN still available

    Thanks to all of you who helped lighten my load; it is much appreciated, and now everything is sold :thumbs_up...except for my kiln :thumbs_do. Escrow got pushed back again, and we'll be here through next week - maybe, so it's not too late. :) Mainly I wanted to say mahalo to you all. I plan...
  8. Russ Denz

    540 & Capitol Blvd to Old Sparta - Russ's moving sale

    If anyone is coming out to our moving sale - see Classifieds - and is going by the 540/Capitol Blvd area, I would like to ask you to stop and pick-up a Dog travel kennel (XL) I bought on Craigslist and bring it with you. SHORT NOTICE OK as owner can leave it out. Call me at 252-827-1446 if you...
  9. Russ Denz

    Thanks to Russ Denz

    Phil, as usual from my experience, is underplaying his own role in this. The reality is that it pretty much got dumped on him to pick up the ball, the same ball that I fumbled on the 50 yard line...and HE SCORED!! Congratulations to Phil on this, as well as to Don Derry. In addition to...
  10. Russ Denz

    Festool - Am I missing something?

    Let me add a new perspective, especially concerning the Kapex vs. the competition. I don't use a mitersaw a lot, yet I went through a Bosch and one other I don't recall in 2-3 years; I've had my Kapex 3 yrs now and not a single problem. IMHO Festool's QUALITY STANDARDS actually make it less...
  11. Russ Denz

    Moving Date is 2 weeks from today: Nov 17th...finally!

    Truly wish we could, Phil, but there is no time we can do it. Plenty of stuff to do, but not the time. Thank you sincerely for the offer! Russ
  12. Russ Denz

    Moving Date is 2 weeks from today: Nov 17th...finally!

    Finally, after 2 years of waiting, we head back out west (AZ) on Saturday, November 17th. So, next Saturday, the 10th, we're having a big sale to cut down on what we have to ship the 2500 miles 'tween here & there. I'll have a BUNCH of woodworking stuff, some of which I'll post in Classified...
  13. Russ Denz

    Latest Turning

    Charlie, The most significant compliment I believe there is for a woodturner is to become an artist. You, sir, are a true artist in my opinion. Wonderful creation!
  14. Russ Denz

    BIG THANK-YOU to Joe Scharle for his generosity

    I have a box full of 4" fittings of all varieties plus a box of 2" or 2 1/2" fittings and a number of length of the same size clear rigid dust tubing from Woodcraft if that will help (maybe make some runs from their shop vac?) I'm almost 2 hrs east of Raleigh and rarely get to the "big city"...
  15. Russ Denz

    Recent Pens

    Nice pens, Adam!! Can you tell me where to get more info on the reverse painting process; it really does make quite a bit of difference - thanks. Russ
  16. Russ Denz

    My microshop :)

    Truly impressive, Joey!! Thanks for the inspiration, which I hope to put to use when we finally move. Russ
  17. Russ Denz

    Skew Qoustion

    Hi Darryl, According to Alan Lacer, the "skew-guru" in my opinion, the angle should be close to 70 degrees. He has a few youtube videos on his favorite subject - skew chisels - that are worth a look. I particularly like his own special curving/curved grind, as it is very versatile. Google...
  18. Russ Denz

    Best (safe) way to heat and cool a woodworking workshop?

    another vote for John's plan - a split-system. They are VERY efficient! Russ
  19. Russ Denz

    New NCWW Oureach Program

    I have plenty of Guinea Pig in my blood, so no worries, I'd be glad to! Russ
  20. Russ Denz

    New NCWW Oureach Program

    James & Wally & others regarding pen blanks, The standard size that you can use to make almost any pen is 3/4 x 3/4 x 5 to 6". Larger sizes like 1 1/2 to 2" x 3"=/- are good for bottle stoppers. Besides those, longer, bigger spindle blanks, like from 2" square (and up) x 6 to 24" long make...

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