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  1. dovetailer

    8" bandsaw capacity sought

    Hello Forum. I've got a couple of tasks for which my 14" delta is not capable. I am building a fall-front desk and nearing the finish line. In my way: I need to resaw 7-1/2 inches (for matched drawer fronts--only need to resaw to 3/8 or so) I need to cut out ogee bracket feet (8") I'd...
  2. dovetailer

    Durham - anyone nearby with a wide-belt sander or lathe?

    I'm building a drop-leaf table and need some equipment that hasn't squeezed into my garage shop. I need to turn off-center-turned legs and haven't set up my lathe. I have my own lathe tools. I also need to run three 20" (75" long) wide walnut leaves through a wide-belt sander. If anyone has...

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