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  1. sawduster

    Pine Cone Pen 2019-04-16

    Uniquely challenging, uniquely rewarding !
  2. wood


  3. sawduster

    Scroll Saw Portraits

    Nicely done man ! :eusa_clap
  4. sawduster

    pull-ur-own-parts auto junkyards ( update )

    Re: pull-ur-own-parts auto junkyards thanks everyone for the input :icon_thum. I actually found one today . I was lucky enough to ( finally ) get someone at the dealership whose IQ was larger than their shoe size :eek: Part is not available through parts houses but is available through the...
  5. sawduster

    pull-ur-own-parts auto junkyards ( update )

    do these still exist ? i need a tail light socket for my Highlander ( dropped it down into the frame :o ) but it is sold only as part of the assembly and not seperately. At least not that I can find . It is a small plastic piece that should not be expensive if I can find a junkyard somewhere...
  6. sawduster

    The raffle has started

    Is this Amazon thing the only option prior to picnic day ? Is there an option for those of us who still actually write checks ? :gar-Bi
  7. sawduster

    NC Propane Club ?

    Well well , I thought ol Glenn Gibson was gone from the scene .....for me he is. I signed up 2 or 3 years ago after talking to him and listening to all the good things he could do for me ......monthly billing, easy terms etc etc....high pressure stuff. Payed him the $50 ( back then ) and then...
  8. sawduster

    pimp my pop-up

    Yeah, a bathing suit on me looks like a rubber band on an egg :rotflm: I 'preeshate the invite but I am right around the corner from Holly Point at Falls Lake and have already reserved our favorite site :eusa_danc
  9. sawduster

    pimp my pop-up

    Last fall I stole bought an old used-but-not-abused Coleman Sun Valley pop up :gar-Bi Stove works, heater works, lights ( inside and out ) work. Sink had a faucet but I found it to be cracked and essentially worthless. A replacement was stupidly expensive because it is a low-profile model so the...
  10. pimp my pop up

    pimp my pop up

  11. pimp my pop up

    pimp my pop up

  12. pimp my pop up

    pimp my pop up

  13. sawduster

    planer stand or buy ?

    Thank you sir is good to be missed :eusa_danc Doing well, just busy as a one-armed welder :D
  14. sawduster

    a simple clock

    Dood, you ain't right ! :slap: Nice job on the clock :eusa_clap
  15. sawduster

    planer stand or buy ?

    that is exactly what I am doing . I already have to do most everything outside and I'm tired of totin' tools and projects !! My new layout will actually give me some space to work inside !! :icon_cheers
  16. sawduster

    planer stand or buy ?

    that has potential ...does the pedal lift it up for moving around ?
  17. sawduster

    planer stand or buy ?

    actually the 3rd wheel is only used for moving and has a lifter you engage when ready. yes it is the only one that pivots but when you set it back down it is reported to be rock solid. This also means that the permanent wheels are prolly close to the ground and may creat a prob going over the...
  18. sawduster

    planer stand or buy ?

    Dust collection is low on the list as I will using this outside 99% of the time and aiming outside the other 1% :D I am still looking for a good jointer stand solution and you are right, the's not a lot out there but I will certainly share what I find :icon_thum
  19. sawduster

    planer stand or buy ?

    I am in the middle of some major renovations to make my shop more user-friendly and i am to the point of thinking about mobile stands for my Delta planer and my 6" craftsman joiner. Part of my upgrade will be a front " porch " off of the garage door as an outside workspace. I will need to...
  20. sawduster

    Jingle bell rock Part Deux

    I'm a pattern guy ......I'll wing some changes to the pattern but I ain't no Fred P :D the original pattern called for 4 pieces of 3/4 ply for the body and did not have dowels in the legs The middle is poplar and I cut that with a jigsaw. The outsides are walnut cut with the scrollsaw. The legs...

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