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  1. srhardwoods

    I bought a thrift store Williams & Hussey

    I have been running one for quite a while. Impressive machines and you can produce moldings quickly. You can build eliptical jigs for curved moldings as well. Limitation is they can not do more than 3/4" depth of cut. One of the largest moldings I've run is the chicago bar rail...
  2. srhardwoods

    We need to update our wood supplier list

    I keep about 30k bf of hardwoods on hand, baltic birch ply, prefinished maple ply oak, maple, cherry, walnut, ash, purpleheart, sapele, padauk, poplar, etc. I'm on the VA/NC line in suffolk next to gates county. Somerton Ridge Hardwoods...
  3. srhardwoods

    An interesting beech tree

    I've had a few beech trees on my farm just like that. I sawed 1 up and yes that will be curly beech. Mine was 36" in diameter. Trees with thicker bark will show that under the bark on the skin as well but harder to see without bark removed.
  4. srhardwoods

    Outdoor Cabinets - what materials?

    Starboard is the best bet. Pricey, but pay now or pay later. Machines easily, stainless steel screws. You can route the doors to look like a raised panel if you like. It comes in numerous colors and thickness.
  5. srhardwoods

    White cabinet doors.

    I've been told wurth will sell to walkins, in Norfolk at least they do. You can contact a cabinet shop and see if they will sell you some as well. I have customers that call me for it quite a bit. double refined/super refined are the same, some companies use different terminology for it. It...
  6. srhardwoods

    White cabinet doors.

    Wurth wood group, A&M supply will carry the double refined MDF. I use it for my panels sanded to 400 grit, scuff sand in between coats with 320. After widebelt sanding, RO sand to 180 to get out the cross grain scratches. 2 coats of hi solid primer followed by 1 top coat of color finish.
  7. srhardwoods

    Looking for Sources of Rough Sawn Lumber near Outer Banks...

    I'm just over 60 miles from Point Harbor, but if you are around this area I keep about 30,000 bf of lumber on hand. Suffolk VA on the NC/VA border
  8. srhardwoods

    Moisture in Air lines throughout shop

    I would invest in a auto drain connected to the bottom of your air compressor, and I would also look for a air dryer to put inline right after the air compressor before it goes to the rest of the shop. Those 2 items will provide clean dry air and the auto drain will keep your compressor empty...
  9. srhardwoods

    Wood ID??

    looks a lot like Philippine mahogany, if it is light weight.
  10. srhardwoods

    Drawer slide set back from front of cabinet?

    The cad drawings I have in my software show 1.375" from the front of the cabinet to the center of the first hole
  11. srhardwoods

    Cherry Question

    Clear coat of waterborne poly satin
  12. srhardwoods

    Cherry Question

    Its called "gummy cherry" and not a defect in the grading rules. Some mills will pull it and keep it separated to be sold as a matching unit, most mills however do not. I'll load some pictures a little later of a closet I built and I pulled all the gummy cherry for the figure.
  13. srhardwoods

    Special wood for making outdoor signs

    I use a lot of Sapele outdoors. It holds up very well, routes excellent. I use it for most wood signs, all exterior millwork. I also use a lot of HDU that I route for other signs shops. The HDU is excellent for outdoors, but you need to take into consideration of how it will be mounted as...
  14. srhardwoods

    Cabinet doors on the shaper

    I doe 3/4" panels 1 pass everyday. My profile has a back relief so they are flush with the frames. That's just so they go through the wide belt sander. Good looking panel!
  15. srhardwoods

    How much saw dust do you make?

    I filled my 80 cubic yard dumpster in 1 day. I don't want to do that again. I was a sawdust shower when they dumped it
  16. srhardwoods

    Rotary phase convertors

    Hello Willem, I run 3 rotary phase converters. I have a large 75hp that feeds a 200 amp panel in my shop, then in the other building where the CNC is at, I run 2 separate. 1 for the cnc and the second for the rotary vane pump. I have bought American Rotary units. I have had no issues. The...
  17. srhardwoods

    Baltic Birch

    check with your local cabinet shops, they can usually bring it in. I carry it in 5x5 and 4x8 sheets at 3/4'. $49 FOR 5X5 $75 FOR 4X8. Most cabinet supply distributors have it, so your local shop might help you out
  18. srhardwoods

    Spray booth ventilation

    my 8x8 is 7500 cfm. That's a 2hp motor. The biggest issue you will have is make up air if you are in a climate controlled area. You will need to open up another rollup door to the equivalent of the size of the exhaust wall/spray booth
  19. srhardwoods

    New shop size?

    as large as you can afford. Not sure if this is going to be hobby for you or not. My new shop I just finished building is 4500 sf, 10' ceilings in part of it and 15' in 2400 sqft of it, and I'm out of room. Separate finishing room if you can is nice to help keep it clean and continue to work...
  20. srhardwoods

    Panel Saw/Router Score !!!

    Here is what I keep in my machine 3/8" compression with 3/16" upcut (so you can do 1/4" ply) SUD551 AROUND $45 1/4" compression with 3/16" upcut SUD448 around $25.00 1/4" 2 flute spiral downcut bit, used for cutting rabbits and dados SRD220 around $15

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